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Toxic Gas Monitoring (TGM) >>>
AGI’s staff of code experts, professional chemical and process engineers specialize in Hazardous Gas Monitoring and Control System design and specification, which involves both sensing and response to hazardous situations.  As part of our overall design services, we perform gas and chemical usage analysis, design and consulting on critical support systems for facilities using hazardous process materials, including:

> Toxic Gas Monitoring and Control, Including Monitors,
> Backbone, and Notification Devices for:

> Flammable Gas and Liquid Vapors
> Toxic Gases
> Highly Toxic / Pyrophoric Gases
> Low Oxygen
> Chemical Spill
> Safety Shower Activation
> Pull Station
> Fire Alarm Tie In

> Gas and Chemical Storage and Delivery  
> Hazardous Gas and Chemical Distribution
> Scrubbed / Corrosive Exhaust
> VOC Exhaust
> General Exhaust
> Pyrophoric / Flammable Exhaust
> Code Required Architectural and Electrical Features for H Occupancies

AGI’s experience encompasses a variety of toxic and hazardous production materials, including, among others:
> Arsine
> Phosphine
> Trimethyl Gallium
> Carbon monoxide
> Hydrogen Sulfide
> Fluorine
> Hydrogen
> Silane
> Diborane
> Chlorine
> BCl3

AGI performs a complete and thorough gas and chemical analysis that includes inputs from:
> Cleanroom user team
> Tool vendor process recommendations
> Our considerable experience

This analysis includes inputs from applicable building, fire, mechanical, and electrical codes in effect for the project and industry safety standards and best practices such as SEMI and FM Global Guidelines.

AGI consultants have written operational policies and procedures for over 50 high technology operations including industrial and university laboratories and cleanrooms. These include process and procedure specifications for handling, use, storage, processing and reclaim/abatement of hazardous process materials.

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