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Cleanroom spaces, especially those for nanofabrication, are a critical and expensive part of advanced research facilities that require complex equipment to fit into very tight spaces.

Using BIM to create plans, sections, and 3D isometric views to ensure proper accommodation of equipment and user accessibility will avoid wasted or unusable space, saving time and money.

AGI uses Revit primarily to generate 3D models of cleanroom, imaging, and HPM areas. Using these 3D models we can accurately generate plans, schedules, and view our MEP systems in 3D to verify that they are coordinated with the other disciplines on the project.

Revit can be used as a database to link with AGl's in house utility matrix software, FabTech, and other software, allowing us to automate many of our design processes.

Successful cleanroom design requires accurate coordination across multiple disciplines, including the cleanroom designer, building architect, building MEP, and structural engineer. The use of BIM brings all of these disciplines together, creates a clear picture of the design, and provides users online collaboration tools that allow for the speedy review of designs by all team members. This is critical due to the density of piping, HVAC, and electrical services in these spaces. Successful installation and operation of expensive cleanroom equipment depends on the availability of these services.

AGI is on the leading edge of BIM, generating COBie compliant data that will be used by our clients for Facilities Management long after the design is complete.

AGI Revit families include Architectural, MEP, and Process Equipment (Tools).

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