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  touch screen experience
  Fundamentals of Touch Technologies and Applications Short Course | Abbie Gregg Co-Presenter
Sponsored by the FlexTech Alliance // Presented at SEMICON West 2010 // Overview of 13 Transparent Touch Technologies, including Projected Capacitive Touch // Introduction of "In-Cell" Touch Technologies // Characteristics, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Each Touch Technology // Common and Special Materials Used // Equipment and Processes Used // Trends in Major Touch Applications // Composition, Size and Growth Rate of the Transparent Touch Market
  Synaptics | Cost Modeling for Touch Screen
PET Based Flex Process // Verification that Client Manufacture is More Cost Effective than Current Suppliers
  RPO Party, Ltd. | Flexible Substrate Handling Study / Manufacturing Partner Search / Cost Models / Tech Transfer
Touch Screen System for Electronics Consumer Product Application // Identification of Handling Method and Potential Vendors for Multiple Process Tools // Manufacturing Partner Search and Introduction // Technology Transfer Documentation // Process Tool Evaluations and Automation Studies // Factory and Product Cost Model, Analysis and Recommendations // Development of Product Design Rules
  Ultra-Scan Corp | Biometric Security Application
Identification of Potential Vendors for Product Development and Manufacturing // Prototype Development Assistance // Prototype Assembly / Debug Support // TFT Manufacturing Support
    FinePoint Innovations, Inc. | Tablet PC Digitizer Device
Manufacturability Study // Yield Loss Investigation // Circuitry Troubleshooting
    PerkinElmer Optoelectronics | Sensor Panel for X-ray Imaging
PECVD Tool Qualification // Capacity Model for Expansion // Audit of Facility for Yield Improvement // Areas of Analysis Included ESD, Contamination, Production Flow, Bottlenecks, and Optimization // Assist with Tool Acquisition / Relocation Study // Tool Layout / Utility Options for Gen 3-Gen 5 Glass Sizes
    N-trig, Ltd. | Magnetic Digitizer – Flexible Electronics
Start-up Support // Process Analysis // Assist with the Commercialization of New Technology // Device Cross Section
    3M | OLEDs, Touch Screens, Polarizers
Process Analysis // Acquisition Evaluations // Factory and Cost Modeling // Mask Design // Substrate Procurement // Facility Layout
    Hologic | Medical Sensor Display
Operations Review // Process Flow Analysis // Inspection and Lamination Tool Requirements and Selection // Process Specification Review and Update // Return on Investment Model // Cleanroom Protocol Presentation and Class // Consult on Yield Enhancement, Cleanliness, Process Layout, Material Handling, and ESD Reduction in Manufacturing of medical imaging displays (mammography and other x-rays)
    Gretag Imaging | LCD MEMS Optical Device for High Speed Printing
Development of CAD Layouts of Device // Fabrication of Prototypes // Developed Outsourcing Vendors for Production