AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
> Biotech / Medical / Pharma
> Flat Panel Displays
> Flexible Electronics
> GaAs
> Nanotechnology
> Optoelectronics
> Photovoltaics
> Roll to Roll
> Semiconductor
> Test, Assembly & Packaging
> Touch Screens
  test, assembly, packaging experience
  Amkor | High Volume Assembly and BGA Renovation
Layout and Utility Matrix Consulting // Utility Distribution Analysis
  Kodak | OLED Displays
Equipment and Industrial Engineering Support for New Robotic Encapsulation System // Development and Installation
  Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. (fka MNC, Andersen Labs) | Hybrids, Thin and Thick Film, SAW Devices
Process Analysis and Improvements // Technical Valuation of a Potential Acquisition // Surface Acoustic Wave and Hi-Rel Hybrid Operations Analysis
  Electroglas | Market and Technology Evaluations for Successful Acquisitions
Yield Management Software (Knights) // Assembly and Bump Inspection Systems (Techne’) // Sort Floor Operations Inspection Market Evaluation
  Colorado Microdisplay | LCD Microdisplay
Consult on Process and Automation of Wafer and Glass Based FPD Manufacturing // Wafer Foundry // LCD Assembly Process // Consult on Manufacturing Strategies and Management
    Littelfuse | Thin Film Fuses, USB Switch, TVS Device
Manufacturing Technology Analysis // Wafer Fab, Assembly, Test and Gas Discharge // TVS Acquisition Evaluation // Product Development Plan // Cost Model for USB Switch
    FlipChip Technologies | Bump Wafer Fab
Tool Rigging // Wall Reconfiguration // Tool Positioning // Fit Up
    Scitex Digital Printing | High Speed Digital Print Heads
Process Analysis // Process Tool Selection and Evaluation // Layout Review // Conceptual Design Strategy
    Reedholm Instruments | Test Equipment
Wafer Level Reliability // Equipment Marketing
    Advanced Micro Devices | Advanced CMOS Microprocessors, Logic
Course Development and Training for Parametric Testing, Basic Electronics, Wafer Reliability, Semiconductor Physics and Wafer Sort, Class Rating 4.8/5 // Multiple Fabs / Site Training Support
    Medtronic/Microrel | Medical, Implantable Hybrids (Pacemakers)
Start Up of Tachy Manufacturing Line (Hybrid Assembly and Test) // Renovation/Validation // Process Equipment Engineering // FDA Auditable // Hybrid Design Rule Development
    General Semiconductor Industries, Inc. | Transient Voltage Suppression Devices – Wafers, Modules, MOV’s, Assembly, Test
Technical Operations Management // Process, Device, Product, and Equipment Engineering // Strategic Technology Development, Quality andReliability (MIL STD, ISO 9000) // Successful Turnaround / Sale of Company // First DESC Qualified Line Outside of USA
    Delco Electronics | Bump Fab
Bump Wafers – Automotive // Phased Renovation of Existing Fab // Conceptual Design // Layout // Utility Matrix // Phase Planning // Management Presentation
    AIL Systems (Division of Eaton) | Hi-Rel Hybrids, SAW Devices, Si and GaAs Wafers
Campus Consolidation of Fab, Assembly, and Test for Hi-Rel Devices and Hybrids
GaAs/Si Military Fab, Assembly, Test
    I-Stat Corp. | Medical Sensor Fab, R&D, Assembly
Building Acquisition // Complete Renovation of 100mm Wafer Fab //Assembly and Test
    Engelhard Millis Corp.
Hybrid Fab
    VLSI Technology, Inc. | IC Assembly, Test, Burn-In, QA
Layout // Utility Matrix // Design Consultation // Construction Consultation
    Grumman Space Systems | SDI Focal Plane Array
HgCdTe, CMOS, Hybrid Technology // Manufacturing Cost Model
    Lasercom | InP Laser Fab, Assembly, Test
Process Specification Development // Yield Enhancement