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  semiconductor experience
  Confidential Chip Manufacturer  | 300mm Wafer Fab
On Site Design Support // Positioning Effort for Fab Conversion to 300mm Advanced Technology Fab // Fab and CUB Renovation // AMHS Upgrade to Accommodate Advanced Processes
  GLOBALFOUNDRIES | 300mm / 450mm Capable Fab, Abu Dhabi
On Site Fab Design Consulting // UAE Supply Chain Evaluation and Consulting
  ATIC / Global Foundries | Semiconductor Fab Seminar
Presentation of Best Practices and Challenges for Advanced Technology Cleanroom Construction in the Gulf States Region
  Skyworks Solutions, Inc. | 4 to 6 Inch Conversion with GaAs Wafer Fab Operational
On Site Industrial Engineering Support for Wet/Dry Etch, Thin Films // Materials and Supplies Procurement Consulting // Facilities Systems Analysis and Upgrade Plan // Utility Matrix Development // Assistance with Tool Procurement // Cleanroom Re-Layout to Accommodate Six Inch Tools // On Site Tool Installation Design and Construction Support // Procurement of Construction Service
  Mohawk Valley EDGE | Large Chip Fab Site
Site Evaluation: Vibration / EMI / Traffic // Optimize Site Layout // Market Site to IC Manufacturers // Wetlands Permit / Abatement Consulting // Develop Local Support and Infrastructure
  Luther Forest Technology Campus
Two-Four Fab 300mm Wafer Processing Site // Analysis of Wafer Fab Requirements // Advanced Microprocessors or Memories // Unique 1000 acre Green Site // Verification that planned fab capabilities and design would meet the needs of the 3 largest Wafer Fabrication companies in the world // Successfully Attracted and Sited Wafer Fabrication Facilities // Economic Development and Incentives Modeling // Vibration, RF, EMI and Acoustic Site Survey // Environmental impact evaluation // Community Education Activities // Competitive $1.2 Billion Incentives
  ForCon International | Process Equipment Damage Analysis
Fair Market Valuation of Damaged Tools // Develop Tool Repair Roadmap and Alternatives
  Motorola | Bipolar 100mm, 150mm Wafers, 200mm Wafers
Site Renovation Plans // Fab Consolidation, Wafer Size Increases // Phased Layout Scenarios
  Fujitsu | 200mm Memory Fab Site
Factory/Capacity and Cost Model // Assist with Sale of Fab and Tools
  Hynix Semiconductor | Multi Fab Audit
Benchmark Wafer Costs // 300mm Wafer Fab Strategy // DRAM Technology Integration Plan to 0.13 Micron // Multi Fab Analysis
Wafer Fab Capital Spending Plan // Tool Recommendations
  Philips Semiconductors | BiCMOS, 0.25 to 0.18 Micron, 200mm Wafer Fab, SMIF
75,000 SF Renovation, including CMP Area // Utility Matrix //Equipment and Room Layouts // Vibration Analysis // Engineering Review // Automation Plan
  Silterra (formerly Wafer Technology) | Fab 1
Awarded Top Fabs of 202 by Semiconductor International Magazine, May 2002 // Green Site // Advanced CMOS, 200mm wafer fab, SMIF, 0.18 Micron // Class 1 to Class 1,000 Environment // Fan Deck, Cleanroom Raised Floor, Ballroom, Subfab // Copper and CMP Processes // Test and Failure Analysis // Layout Development/Optimization // Capacity Analysis // Utility Matrix // Tool Comparison // HPM Analysis // Automation Review // Base Build Consulting Support // EMI Evaluation for Characterization Areas
  Littelfuse | Thin Film Fuses, Wafer Fab, Gas Discharge TVS
Manufacturing Technology Analysis // TVS Factory Acquisition Evaluation // Technology Transfer // Foundry Search and Evaluation
  Wayne State University and Delphi Automotive Systems | Microelectronics Cleanroom Renovation
Programming // Layout // Utility Matrix // Tool Relocation from Delphi Auto Research Labs to WSU // Detail Design // Construction Support
  Knowles | Bipolar Wafer Fab
Wafer Fab Maintenance and Equipment Engineering // Process Setup // Sale of Surplus Wafers // Assistance with Technology Transfer/Outsource
  Primarion | Bipolar/BiCMOS/Discrete Fab
Fair Market Valuation // Benchmark Fab Sales
  Atmel | Operating Fab Building Acquisition
137,000 SF Cleanroom // Site Evaluations to accommodate 0.18 micron process // Class 1 to Class 1,000 // Multi Level Fab, 2 Subfab Levels, Fan Deck, Ballroom // Layout for 200mm Tools // Utility Matrix // Room Condition Evaluation // Capacity Analysis // HPM Analysis
  Micron Technology | 300mm Wafer Fab DRAM
Industrial Engineering // Layout // Utility Matrix // Capacity Study / Site Studies
  Motorola | Advanced CMOS, 200mm Wafer Fab, 0.35 Micron
Equipment Maintenance:  Thin films, Ion Implant, CVD, Metrology
  Confidential Client
Bay/Chase vs. Ballroom Tool Layout Studies for 200mm and 300mm tool sets
  Sarnoff | Custom IC Fab
Equipment/Process Analysis and Recommendations
  FlipChip Technologies | Bump Fab: 4”, 6”, 200mm Wafers
Bottleneck Analysis/Modeling // Cycle Time Improvement // Tool Rigging, Wall Configuration, Tool Positioning, Fit-up
  Ericsson Components | BIPOLAR, BiCMOS, CMOS Wafer Fabs, 0.35 Micron
Evaluate 150mm conversion of existing wafer fabs // Layout optimization // Utility matrix development // Process optimization and operations turnaround // Extensive factory modeling for product mix changes // Equipment engineering and maintenance – etch, photo
  Texas Instruments (formerly Unitrode) | 150mm BiCMOS Fab start-up, 0.6 Micron
Fab start-up, Operations Management and Process Qualification // Tool installation and acceptance // Wafer process start-up, specification and process development // Etch, Diffusion, CVD, Multi level metal // Consult on 100mm to 150mm conversion of Bipolar Fab.
  Advanced Micro Devices | Advanced CMOS Microprocessors, Logic
Course development and training:  Parametric Testing, Basic Electronics, Wafer Reliability, Semiconductor Physics and Wafer Sort, Class rating 4.8/5 // Multiple fabs / site training support
  GMT Microelectronics | Silicon Wafer Foundry
Business plan development and market analysis // Process equipment maintenance
  White Oak Semiconductor / DPR | 200mm Wafer Fab
Review of Conceptual Design
  LSI Logic | 200mm Green Site CMOS Wafer Fab
Layout – SMIF Fab // Utility Matrix // Programming // Capacity Analysis // Modeling
  Hewlett Packard / IDC | 200mm CMOS Wafer Fab
Hi-Thruput Fab Facility // Conceptual Design // Mini-Environment //Automation // Layout // Utilities
  Reedholm Instruments | Test Equipment
Wafer Level Reliability // Equipment Marketing
  Delco Electronics / Bump Fab | Bump Wafers – Automotive
Bump Fab Phased Renovation of existing fab // Conceptual Design //Layout // Utility Matrix // Phase Planning, Management Presentation
  AIL Systems, Division of Eaton | Hi-Rel Hybrids, SAW Devices, Si and GaAs Wafers
Campus Consolidation of Fab, Assembly, and Test for Hi-Rel Devices and Hybrids.