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  photovoltaic and solar energy experience
  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology | Photovoltaic Research Lab Fit Out
Process / Design Verification // Process Definition // Equipment List Review // Site Conditions Report / As-Built // Construction Look Ahead
  Confidential PV Manufacturer | Facility Design Review
Design Review of Construction Documents // HPM and Tool Accommodation Review // Utility Matrix Development // Benchmark Facility Against other PV Manufacturers
  Plextronics | Feasibility Study for Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Cost Model and Analysis // Pilot Line Manufacturing Site Evaluation // Tool and Materials Interaction Evaluation/Recommendations // Substrate Studies Including Roll to Roll
  Solergy | Feasibility Study for Concentrator Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing
Factory and Product Cost Model // Equipment Search // Tool List // Layout // Utility Matrix
  AES Corporation | Due Diligence Consulting for Potential Investment in Leading Solar Panel Manufacturer
Evaluation of manufacturing, quality and process capabilities of a proposed investment // Evaluation made in the areas of cell processing, test, module assembly and quality assurance for solar farm product // Cost model, technology and roll to roll process review
    XeroCoat Pty Ltd. | Anti Reflective Coating for Solar Cells and Optical Application
Scale Up of Innovative and Cost Effective Process for Anti-Reflection Coating of Large Area Glass Panels // Cost Modeling // Coordination Support for First Tool Builds // Support Due Diligence for Round of Funding
    Liqcrytech, LLC | Electrically Controllable Window Tinting
Scale Up of Electrically Controllable Window Tinting Process and Manufacturing for Large Scale Construction Projects // Pilot Line and Manufacturing Facility Design // Manufacturing Partner Search // Tool and Materials Acquisition Support
    Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) | Solar Cell Roll to Roll Stainless Steel Processing Equipment
Consulting to Optimize Film Etch Back Technologies, Processes, and Tool Cleanliness Following Multi-Day Runs


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