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  mems experience
  Solid State Equipment Corp. | MEMS Process Consulting
Double Sided MEMS Device Processing // Coat Process/Tool Optimization // Equipment Acceptance Testing
  Qualcomm MEMS Technology | MEMS Display Start Up Consulting
Facility/Tool Install Design Review // Documentation and Training of Fab and Assembly Processes, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, and Cleanroom Protocol // Acceptance Testing of Process Equipment // Development of Materials and Supplies Requirements // Capacity Modeling, Front End / Back End
  University of California Riverside | Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)
Class 100 and Class 1,000 Nanotechnology Cleanroom // Characterization Area and E-Beam Lithography // Remodel and Upgrade of Facilities Support Areas // Cleanroom and Characterization Programming // Design and Construction Support (Design-Build Project) // Site and Facilities Survey // Layout // Utility Matrix // HPM Analysis // Permitting Support // Tool Research and Negotiation // Vibration and EMI Consulting and Abatement Recommendations // Operational Financial Modeling for the Center // Process Engineering Support for the Tool Evaluation, Acceptance and Start Up
  University of Michigan | Solid State Electronics Lab Cleanroom Expansion
Class 10 to Class 1000 Areas for CMOS, MEMS, GaAs, Organics // As Built of Existing Cleanroom // Cleanroom Design: Programming through Construction Documents // Value Engineering // Layout // Utility Matrix // Tool Research // HPM Analysis and Specialty Systems Consulting // HVAC Design and Code Evaluations // E-Beam Litho, MOCVD and MBE
  University of California Berkeley | CITRIS Microlab Greensite Building Design
Class 100 to 1,000 Areas on Two Levels // Cleanroom Design: Programming through Construction Documents and Bid Packages // Value Engineering // Layout // Utility Matrix // Tool Research // HPM Analysis and Specialty Systems Design // Vibration and EMI Consulting // LEED Design // MOCVD, Maskmaking, and Characterization
    Infotonics | Optical MEMS Joint Venture – Xerox, Kodak, Corning
MEMS Cleanroom // Packaging Cleanroom // Project Plan/Project Outline // Programming // Tool List Development/Analysis // Layout, Phasing Analysis // Utility Matrix // Preliminary Budgeting // Retrofit Consulting // HPM Analysis // HVAC Consulting
    Amersham | BioMEMS Device Fab Renovation
Layout of new Class 1,000 to 10,000 BioChip Process Areas
    Motorola Biochip | Bio Safety Lab (BLSII/III) Design and Construction
Biochip Lab and Manufacturing Cleanroom Expansion // Relocation Project Planning // Project Management // Tool List // CAD Footprints // Utility Matrix // Specification Development
    MEMSolutions | MEMS Display Development, Pilot Line
Process Development and Optimization // Process Engineering and Equipment Maintenance
    Knowles | Hearing Aid and Microphone Manufacturing
Bipolar Wafer Fab // Wafer Fab Maintenance and Equipment Engineering // Process Setup // Sale of Surplus Wafers // Assistance with Technology Transfer/Outsource
    MicroLab | MEMS Startup
Cleanroom Consulting // Site Selection
    Sandia National Labs | MESA Project (MDL and CSRL)
Compound Semiconductor, MEMS, and Silicon CMOS // Si and III-V Fab // Expansion and Relocation // Layout Analysis // Utility Matrix // Conceptual Design Review // Facility Document Audit // Readiness Assessment of Microfab
    Gretag Imaging | LCD MEMS Optical Device for High Speed Printing
Development of CAD Layouts of Device // Fabrication of Prototypes // Developed Outsourcing Vendors for Production
    Scitex Digital Printing | High Speed Inkjet Printing
Optimization of Toolset for Scale Up // Process Flow Analysis // Metrology Optimization // Facilities / Safety Audit
    Visible Genetics | Microcell Array – DNA Analysis
Equipment Selection // Factory Modeling // Facility Analysis // Layout // Yield Enhancement // Process Scale Up
    AIL Systems (Division of Eaton Corp.) | Hi-Rel and Hybrid Fab
Process Analysis // Factory and Tool Layout // Fab, Assembly, Test for GaAs and Other III-V and Si Devices // Equipment Scope: Mask Making, Photolithography, MBE, MOCVD, Etch, Alloy, Sputter, Other Metallization, and Plating
    I-Stat Corp.| Blood Gas Sensor Start Up
Medical Sensor Fab, R&D, Assembly // Building Acquisition // Complete Renovation of 100mm Wafer Fab, Assembly and Test
    Grumman Space Systems | SDI Focal Plane Array
HgCdTe, CMOS, Hybrid Technology // Manufacturing Cost Model
    HP | Inkjet Printing Device Start Up
Micromachining Process Optimization // Fab Layout // SMIF/AMHS Analysis