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  gallium arsenide experience
  Skyworks Solutions, Inc. | 4 to 6 Inch Conversion/Expansion of Operational GaAs Wafer Fab
On Site Industrial Engineering Support for Wet/Dry Etch, Thin Films // Materials and Supplies Procurement Consulting // Facilities Systems Analysis and Upgrade Plan // Utility Matrix Development // Assistance with Tool Procurement // Cleanroom Re-Layout to Accommodate Six Inch Tools // On Site Tool Installation Design and Construction Support // Procurement of Construction Service
  Sandia National Labs | MESA Project (MDL and CSRL)
Readiness Assessment for Fab Move // Si and III-V Fab // Expansion and Relocation // Layout Analysis // Utility Matrix
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) | Microphotonics Lab
Si and III-V Fab, Assembly, Characterization // Layout // Utility Matrix // Cleanroom Consulting // Start-Up Consulting
  Arima Broadband Semiconductor | 150mm GaAs Production Fab
Multiple Flows: HBT, HEMT // Capacity Analysis // Factory Model // Equipment Analysis // Layout // Utility Matrix
  AIL Systems (Division of Eaton Corp.) | Hi-Rel and Hybrid Fab
Process Analysis // Factory and Tool Layout // Fab, Assembly, Test for GaAs and Other III-V and Si Devices // Equipment Scope:  Mask Making, Photolithography, MBE, MOCVD, Etch, Alloy, Sputter, Other Metallization, and Plating
    Northwestern University | GaAs and Other Materials Labs
Lab Layout // Utility Planning // Cleanroom Consulting
    Aerojet | GaAs/Si Military Fab
Process Analysis // Conceptual Design and Layout // Utility Planning // Equipment Analysis // Areas Included in Analysis: Fab, Assembly, Test
    GE Aerospace | GaAs Wafer Fab
Conceptual Design and Layout to Separate GaAs from HgCdTe Wafer Fab within GE Process Labs
    Hughes Research Labs | 4 Inch GaAs Wafer Fab
First Integrated GaAs Wafer Fab Utilizing Full Basement and Bay / Chase Design // Conceptual Design and Layout // Process Flow Analysis // Cleanroom and Utility Consulting