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  flat panel displays experience
  Confidential FPD Tool Vendor | Start Up Consulting
Programming for Site and Buildings to House Large Tool // Manufacturing (Gen 2 to Gen 8.5), R&D, Demo Gen 5.5 Substrate Processing Lines, Cleanrooms Class ISO 5 to ISO 8 // Asia Location, Close to 1M Square Feet Green Site
  OLEDWorks | Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Lighting Start Up
Tool Refurbishment Consulting // Tool Purchase Consulting // Pilot Line Start Up Feasibility Review, Including Workflow, Layout, and Cleanroom Design Consulting
  eMagin | Super Complex Cluster Tool for OLED Display Processing
Facility Survey / Recommendations for Best Location of New Tool // Development of Facility Upgrade and Services Design Documents // Tool Installation Design and Construction Support
  PerkinElmer Optoelectronics | Sensor Panel for X-ray Imaging
PECVD Tool Qualification // Capacity Model for Expansion // Audit of Facility for Yield Improvement // Areas of Analysis Included ESD, Contamination, Production Flow, Bottlenecks, and Optimization // Assist with Tool Acquisition / Relocation Study // Tool Layout / Utility Options for Gen 3-Gen 5 Glass Sizes
  Qualcomm MEMS Technology | MEMS Display Start Up Consulting
Facility/Tool Install Design Review // Documentation and Training of Fab and Assembly Processes, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, and Cleanroom Protocol // Acceptance Testing of Process Equipment // Development of Materials and Supplies Requirements // Capacity Modeling
  Confidential Client | Yield Management Study
Yield Management for Gen 7 FPD // Analysis of Pricing Trends for TFT, Color Filter and Cell Assembly Inspection, Test and Repair Equipment // Study of FPD Yield Enhancement Equipment Configurations and Markets
  ICL Performance Products (fka Astaris, LLC) | Market Research and Manufacturing Facility Feasibility Study
High Purity Phosphoric Acid for FPD Wet Processing // Training of R&D, Product, and Marketing Teams Regarding FPD and Semiconductor Processing and Market // Feasibility Study and Budget for Ultra Clean Filtration and Dispense Plant Design
  Cabot Corporation | Market Research and Analysis
FPD Chemical Mechanical Polishing // Study Market and Applications for Polishing in FPD Fabrication and Assembly
    Creo, Inc. | Clean Tool Design
Thermal Imaging for Printing // Clean Tool Design Optimization for Gen 4-7 Size Tools // Clean Tool Assembly / Crating / Shipping Plan // Tool Construction Evaluation // First 3 tools in the field are being used for large FPD Color Filters in Asia as of January 2006 // Other Applications Under Development
    Raytheon | Optical Phased Array
100mm Substrate FPD/IC Process // Low Volume Factory Model/Cost Analysis // Operations Relocation Consulting // Site Selection Analysis
    Eastman Kodak | Organic EL Diode
Process Analysis // Cost / Factory Model // Equipment Specification and Procurement // Layout, Facility Design and Construction Engineering Support for R&D and Pilot Line Facility // Fit Up Support Engineering // Process Specification Development and Outsourcing // Color Filter Technology, Process and Cost Analysis // Technology Transfer and Process Engineering Management Support
    Dow Chemical | Display Technology Evaluation
Cost Model // Equipment Analysis and Recommendations // Process Analysis
    3M | OLEDS, Touch Screens, Polarizers
Process Analysis // Acquisition Evaluations // Factory and Cost Modeling // Mask Design // Substrate Procurement // Facility Layout
    Rockwell Collins | LCD Post Processing and Ruggedizing
Process, Capacity and Cleanroom Analysis // Layout // Renovation // Programming, Design, Budgeting
    Solus MicroTechnology | MEMS Display
Equipment Engineering and Maintenance // Factory Equipment Budgeting // Process Analysis // Foundry Search
    Motorola FPDD | Field Emission Display
Large Substrate Material Handling Analysis/Recommendations // Consult on Tool Fit Up // Large Area Substrate Tools: Deinstall and Documentation // Decommissioning of Gen 3.5 Photo Process Equipment
    Siemens / Uniax | New OLED Manufacturing Process on Gen 2 Substrate
Manufacturing Process Feasibility Study // Cost Analysis of Current and Proposed Manufacturing Processes // Cost Modeling of Start Up Over 5 Year Horizon
    Rohm and Haas | Flexible Polymer Substrate and Proprietary LCD Material
New LCD Material and Process Technology // Feasibility Study // Factory Cost Model // Consult on R&D and Pilot Line Planning
    Colorado MicroDisplay | Miniature Silicon Based LCD
Silicon Based Head Mounted Display // Consult on Foundry Qualification and Selection // Consult on Layout, Equipment Set, Material Handling and Automation for FPD Manufacturing Facility
    Hologic (fka Direct Radiography / Sterling Diagnostic Imaging) | Tiled Medical Sensor Display
Manufacturing of Medical Imaging Displays // Consult on Cleanliness // Process Layout // Material Handling and ESD Reduction // Consult on Outsourcing Options
    Candescent Technologies | Thin CRT, Field Emission Display
Facility Start Up Consulting // Layout // Utility Matrix // Conceptual Design of Large Substrate (Gen 3.5) Facility // Factory and Cost Model Validation
    Cost of Ownership Seminar | FPD Cost of Ownership Seminar
Sponsored by SEMI // Developed Full Day FPD Cost of Ownership Class
    Optical Imaging Systems (OIS) | Active Matrix LCD Facility Start Up Consulting
Process Analysis // Facility Layout and Bid Package Preparation // New Approaches Developed for Material Handling and Contamination Control, Including Minienvironments and Side Opening Unified Cassette/Pods, with Interface for over 77 Process Tools // Established New Requirements for Equipment Vendors in Reliability, Uptime and Interface to Material Handling and CIM // Specification, Design and Supervision of Utility Systems and Fit Up of Equipment // Team Coordination // Quality Assurance // Documentation // Continued Involvement in Outsourcing/Foundry and Equipment Installation
    Kopin Corporation | Miniature LCD
Silicon Based Color AMLCD Displays // Process Transfer and Process Development // Cleanroom Layout // Equipment Installation // Process Development // Production Process Documentation // Training
    Olympus Corporation | Semiconductor and FPD Inspection and CD Measurement Tool
Equipment Development including Material Handling and Automation
    Encinal Terminals | Color Filters for LCD’s
Color Filter Production Line // Layout // Product Cost Model // Factory Cost Analysis // Utility Matrix
    Active Matrix Associates | AMLCD Using CdSe
Facility Planning
    Confidential Chinese Client | FPD Technology Search
Worldwide Technology Survey including Process and Device Alternatives such as CdSe, Amorphous Silicon TFT, MIM, etc. // Technology Comparison and Start Up Strategy Report // Meetings in China, US and with European Potential Partners
    Planar Technologies | Thin Film EL Displays
EL Flat Panel Display Plant Layout // Thruput Analysis // Facility Planning
    Confidential Equipment Manufacturers | Process and Inspection Material Handling Tools
Material Handling Model Development (CAD) // Simulation // Cost Analysis
    Edge Emitter Technology | Sensors
Flat Panel Display Plant Layout // Utility Planning and Design // Hazardous Materials Management Plan // Air and Water Permits
    Scitex Digital Printing | High Speed Digital Print Heads
High Resolution, High Speed Digital Print Head Manufacturing // Process Equipment Selection // Equipment Specification // Layout and Workflow Optimization for Photolithography, Etch, Plating and Thin Films Areas
    Visible Genetics | Microcell Array – DNA Analysis
DNA Typing Micro Cell Array // Equipment Selection // Factory Modeling // Facility Analysis // Layout // Yield Enhancement // Process Scale Up