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  flexible electronics experience
  Synaptics | Cost Modeling for Touch Screen
PET Based Flex Process // Verification that Client Manufacture is More Effective than Current Suppliers
  RPO Party, Ltd. | Flexible Substrate Handling Study / Manufacturing Partner Search / Cost Models / Tech Transfer
Touch Screen System for Electronics Consumer Product Application // Identification of Handling Method and Potential Vendors for Multiple Process Tools // Manufacturing Partner Search and Introduction // Process Tool Evaluations and Automation Studies // Factory and Product Cost Model, Analysis and Recommendations // Technology Transfer Documentation // Development of Product Design Rules
  PowerPaper, Ltd. | Manufacturability Study of Roll to Roll Process
Electronic Product // Evaluation of New Equipment Lines for Automation of High Speed Production in Roll to Roll Format // 500mm Web Width
  QSecure, Inc. | Suitable Display Search
Credit card display based on novel security technology // Search for suitable display vendors and technologies to meet banking industry standards for secure credit card transactions
  DARPA | Macroelectronics Program Technology Viability Review
Review of benchmarks, approximate costs, and likelihood of manufacturing readiness for large area flexible macroelectronics products
  Arizona State University | Flexible Display Center
Army Proposal Support: Matched Site to Project Needs // Support in the Solicitation of Academic and Industrial Partners // Assisted Business Plan Development // Assisted Development of Technical Plan and Road Map // Developed Tool List, 6-inch and Gen II // Orchestrated On-site Presentation Meetings to Army // Operations Plan
Building Acquisition:
Building Evaluation (Facilities Infrastructure) and Utilization Plan // Environmental Assessment // Cleanroom Audit // Building Business Plan Evaluation and Support // Assisted in Developing Budget for Acquisition
Center Start-up Support: On-site Operations and Start-up Support // Tool Installation Design // Facility Reconfiguration Support
    United States Display Consortium (USDC) | Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Cost Model for Flexible Displays
Update 2003 study including current industry information on Process Flows, Tools and Materials for large area roll to roll processing
    United States Display Consortium (USDC) | Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Cost Model for Flexible Displays
Cost model includes equipment research and layouts for active and passive matrix and OLED/PLEDs // Process types and their associated capabilities in terms of device dimensions, temperature requirements, throughput rate, and layer-to-layer registration // Roll-to-Roll tool and handling characteristics important to meet process and production criteria // Tool and equipment types with reasonably established flexible substrate and roll-to-roll capabilities, and their estimated prices // Possible factory layouts and tool groupings for flexible substrate processing, using roll-to-roll processes where possible // Estimated cleanliness in terms of clean class and local minienvironments needed for processing // Estimated cost to create a roll to roll factory for flexible displays with the parameters described above
    United States Display Consortium (USDC) | Horizontal vs. Vertical Flat Panel Processing Study
Cost analysis of transition to vertical material handling // Cost modeling of transition from generation 3.5 to generation 5 substrates utilizing AGI’s Jupiter© software
    United States Display Consortium (USDC) | Commercialization of Factory Planner Software for FPD Factory Simulation and Modeling
Development of integrated factory planning software, including layout, capacity, automation, and cost of ownership analysis // Validation of AMLCD and FED factory models // Includes plate matching analysis
    Citala | New Flexible Display Fab
Roll to Roll Processing // Automation Analysis // Programming // Layout // Utility Matrix // Tool Analysis and Selection // Process Analysis // Factory Cost Model // Benchmark Display Costs // Optimize Substrate Size
    DuPont Displays | Cost Model for Flexible Displays
    Display Sciences | MEMS Display / Flexible Substrate
Process Analysis // Factory and Cost Model // DARPA Supported Program
    Southwall | ITO Coated Flexible Substrates
Particle Count and Defect Reduction // Roll to Roll Process // Large Area Television Product Defect Reduction