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> Flat Panel Displays
> Flexible Electronics
> GaAs
> Nanotechnology
> Optoelectronics
> Photovoltaics
> Roll to Roll
> Semiconductor
> Test, Assembly & Packaging
> Touch Screens
  cmp experience
  Philips Semiconductors | BiCMOS, 0.25 to 0.18 Micron, 200mm Wafer Fab, SMIF
75,000 SF Renovation, including CMP Area // Utility Matrix // Equipment and Room Layouts // Vibration Analysis // Engineering Review // Automation Plan
  Silterra (fka Wafer Technology) | Advanced CMOS, 0.18 Micron, 200mm Wafer Fab, SMIF
Copper and CMP Processes // Layout Development/Optimization // Capacity Analysis // Utility Matrix // Tool Comparison // Automation Review
  Colorado Microdisplay | LCD Microdisplay on 200mm Wafers (reflective)
Wafer and Glass Based FPD Manufacturing // Process Consulting // Automation Consulting // Wafer Foundry and LCD Assembly Process // Consult on Manufacturing Strategies and Management
  Eastman Kodak | Organic EL Diode
Factory Analysis // Cost Model // Eequipment Specification and Procurement // Layout, Facility Design and Construction Engineering Support for R&D and Pilot Lline Facility // Fit Up Support // Process Specification Development and Outsourcing // Site Selection Factory Model // Conceptual Design for Pilot Line Scale Up // Color Filter Technology Process and Cost Analysis
  Akashic Memories | Hard Drive Disc Manufacturing
Consult on Hard Drive Process, Layout, HVAC and Cleanliness / ESD Reduction in Two Manufacturing Areas
    Hologic (fka Sterling Diagnostic Imaging Systems) | Tiled Medical Imaging Device
Optimization of Clean Environment, including ESD Reduction and Layout
    White Oak Semiconductor/DPR | 200mm Wafer Fab
Review of Conceptual Design
    Microchip Technology | Submicron CMOS, 200mm Wafer Fab
Fab Layout // Evaluation of potential fab acquisition France
    LSI Logic/ATA | 200mm CMOS
SMIF Wafer Fab Layout // Capacity Analysis // Modeling, Simulation, Automation and Utility Consulting
    Galileo/ Electro-Optics | Electro-Optics Multi-Process Fab, Assembly, Test
Fiber Optic Medical Instrument Development and Manufacturing // Process Analysis // New Fab Layout // Utility Matrix // Construction Support