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  biotech / biosafety / medical / pharmaceutical experience
  Vanderbilt University | Engineering and Science
Industrial and Process engineering services to support Schematic Design, Design Development (design review only), Construction Documents (design review only), Bidding Support and Construction Administration Support // Lab planning, architectural services, and engineering for: Cleanroom and support spaces including utility chases, gowning room(s), and staging areas // Imaging / characterization spaces // HPM rooms and lab areas
  University of Southern California | Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience
Construction Completed, Tool Hookup in Progress // 10,000 SF Cleanroom // 7,200 SF Imaging Suite // 193,000 Gross SF in Project // 80,000 Net Assignable SF // Class 100, 1000 Nanofabrication Cleanroom // Advanced Electron Microscopy Imaging Suites // Cleanroom, Imaging, and HPM Rooms Design // Layout and Utility Matrix Development // Gas and Chemical Analysis // Code Consulting/LAFD Presentation // BIM and Cobie model for all Nano and HPM areas // Commissioning Support Consulting
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Biosafety 4 and Ultra Clean Facility Planning
Next Generation BSL Containment Planning // Combination of Robotics, Tools and BSL4 Containment Environments // Combination of Positive and Negative Pressure Environments with Ultra Filtration of Influents and Effluents // Three Species Vivarium for Biohazard Analysis // Short Term Animal Holding and Transfer // Facility and Equipment Concepts and Design
  Arizona State University | The Biodesign Institute, Phases I & II
Alternate Sites Analyzed for Vibration and EMI // Vibration and EMI Analysis and Recomendations for Abatement // Verification of EMI Abatement // Peer Review and Layout of BSL3 Lab Suites // HVAC Review for BSL3 Capability
    Arizona State University | Design of BSL3 Compliant Labs (Multiple Locations)
Layout // Isolation / Access // Biosafety Cabinet Specification
    Arizona State University | Development of Select Agent Compliant Lab Startup Procedures
Biosafety Committee // Physical Facilities // Biosafety Program Development // Biosafety Security Program Development
Layout of new Class 1,000 to 10,000 BioChip Process Areas
    Motorola Life Sciences | “Biochip” Production Operations and Lab Expansion / Relocation
Project Management // Tool List, Footprint, Layout // Utility Matrix // Specification Development
    Schein Pharmaceuticals, Steris Laboratories | Sterile Injectables
Aqueous and Oil Based // Layout and Workflow Optimization // Project Management for Medically Necessary Product Reintroduction
    Perkin Elmer, EG&G/GE Medical | TFT X-ray Image Sensor
Reduction of ESD, Improvements in Defect Density and Workflow // Optimization and Automation of Key Fab Indicators
    Hologic (fka Direct Radiography / Sterling Diagnostic Imaging) | Tiled Medical Sensor Display
Consult on cleanliness, process layout, material handling and ESD reduction in manufacturing of medical imaging displays // Consult on outsourcing options
    Visible Genetics | Microcell Array – DNA Analysis
Consult on Equipment Selection // Factory Modeling // Facility Analysis // Layout // Yield Enhancement // Process Scale Up for DNA Typing Micro Cell Array
    Medtronic MicroRel | Tachy Pacemakers, Neurostimulators
Start Up of New Hybrid Assembly Line // Process Engineering for New Products // Hybrid Layout Tool Improvements (CAD) // Optimization of Component Sources
    I-Stat Corp | Medical Sensor Fab, R&D, Assembly
Building Acquisition and Complete Renovation of 100mm Wafer Fab, Assembly and Test
    Galileo / Electro-Optics | Electro-Optics Multi-Process Fab, Assembly, Test
Fiber Optic Medical Instrument Development and Manufacturing // Process Analysis // New Fab Layout // Utility Matrix // Construction Support