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Imaging Space Design
> Design Review
> Cleanroom and Lab Cost
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> Modeling
> Process Improvements
> Technical Documentation
> Equipment Engineering
> Tool Relocation/Maintenance
> Tool Installation Design
> Toxic Gas Monitoring
> Forensic and Tool Inspection
> High Tech Operations / IE
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> Recruiting
> Training
  training experience
  Fundamentals of Touch Technologies and Applications Short Course | Abbie Gregg Co-Presenter
Sponsored by the FlexTech Alliance // Presented at SEMICON West 2010 // Overview of 13 Transparent Touch Technologies, including Projected Capacitive Touch // Introduction of "In-Cell" Touch Technologies // Characteristics, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Each Touch Technology // Common and Special Materials Used // Equipment and Processes Used // Trends in Major Touch Applications // Composition, Size and Growth Rate of the Transparent Touch Market
  RPO Pty, Ltd. | Flexible Panel Process, Touch Screen System for Electronic Consumer Product Application
Process and Process Equipment Operations and Maintenance // Documents for Ramp Up and Technology Transfer // Photolithography
Etch // Extrusion Coating // Handling Methods // Design Rules // Material Preparation // Metrology
  Confidential MEMS Client | Operational and Technical Procedure Development for R&D and Technology Transfer to Foundry
Documentation and Training of FAB and Assembly Processes and Equipment Maintenance // Documentation and Training of Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety and Cleanroom Protocol // SPC Training
  Hologic | TFT Panels and Hybrids – Medical Imager
Cleanroom Evaluation and Training // Assembly Methods Evaluation and Training
  Arizona State University | BioSafety Program Training Manual
BioSafety Committee // BioSafety Program Development // BioSafety Security Program Development
  Philips | Semiconductor Process and Process Equipment Training
Wafer Processing // Tool Hook-up Training // CMP Training
  Kodak | OLED R&D Lab
Seven Step Problem Solving Method
    Arizona State University, Del Web School of Construction | Graduate Course: Introduction to Cleanroom Design / Construction
Microelectronics and Process Equipment (Fall) // Cleanroom Overview (Fall) // Process Tool Hookup (Spring) // One week Cleanroom Construction Workshop // This Old Fab // Annually:  March and October, and by invitation to industry – Intel PDMP F2F // Process and Process Equipment (various versions)
    AMD | Wafer Fab Device Concept Training for Probe and Test Operators
Certification required for all Test and Probe Operators // Basic Semiconductor and EE Concepts // Basic Wafer Fab Processes Related to Device Parameters // Yield Concepts
    Ericsson Components | Wafer Fab Operations Management Training
SPC Training // Equipment Engineering Training // Process Engineering Training // Microlithography // Breaking the Bottlenecks // Ion Implant Basics // Dry Etch Equipment Maintenance Techniques
    SEMI | FPD, Wafer Cost of Ownership Seminar
FPD – Manufacturing Technology // RTP – Rapid Thermal Processing