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> Equipment Engineering
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> Tool Installation Design
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  supplier ecosystem experience: procurement of tools, materials and services
  GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Abu Dhabi, UAE  |  Supply Chain Assessment
Strategic Assessment Related to the Supply Chain Necessary to Support a 300mm Semiconductor Wafer Fab Manufacturing Facility // Assessment Included Semiconductor Chemicals, Gases, Supplies/Materials, Process and Metrology Tools, and Specialized Support Services.
  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia  |  Advanced Fabrication Cleanroom and Thin Films Research Lab
Tool Procurement Support, Specification Development, Short Listing and Negotiation with Vendors // Factory Acceptance Testing and Onsite Tool Commissioning for over 150 Process Tools // Visited over 25 Different Vendor Source Inspection Locations in 8 Countries and Many US States // Shipping and Logistics Support for Tools, Cleanroom Related Materials and Supplies and Cleanroom Construction Materials // Materials and Supplies Procurement for Start-up: Over 1000 Line Items, Including Garments, Wafers, Chemicals, Gases, Tool Kits, Reticles, and EHS Supplies // Coordinate with Over 500 Worldwide Vendor Contacts, and Over 150 Tool Vendors
  Skyworks Solutions, Inc.  |  4 to 6 Inch Conversion with GaAs Wafer Fab Operational
On Site Industrial Engineering Support for Wet/Dry Etch, Thin Films //Materials and Supplies Procurement Consulting // Facilities Systems Analysis and Upgrade Plan // Utility Matrix Development // Assistance with Tool Procurement // Cleanroom Re-Layout to Accommodate Six Inch Tools // On Site Tool Installation Design and Construction Support // Procurement of Construction Service
  RPO Party, Ltd., Canberra / Sydney Australia | Touch Screen System for Electronics Consumer Product Application
Supplier Partner Search, Introduction and Selection for Materials, Process Equipment, Metrology Equipment, Fabrication Services, Assembly and Testing Services // Novel Materials Vendor Identification, Development, and Quality Assurance // Identification of Potential Vendors for Multiple Process Tools and Substrate Handling Automation // Process Tool RFP Specification Development and Evaluations // Automation Studies, Substrate Handling Automation Specification, Vendor Evaluation and Management // Factory and Product Cost Model, Analysis and Recommendations // Technology Transfer Documentation // Development of Product Design Rules // Cleanroom Design Consulting // HPM Analysis and Accommodation Study
  Qualcomm MEMS Technologies | MEMS Display Start Up Consulting
Facility/Tool Install Design Review to Ensure Compliance with Tool Requirements for over 100 Unique Process Tools with Special Substrate Form Factor // Documentation and Training of Fab and Assembly Processes, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, and Cleanroom Protocol // Acceptance Testing of Process Equipment and Coordination of Tier 1-3 Activities // Development of Materials and Supplies Requirements and Assistance with procurement and Distribution Onsite // Capacity Modeling, Front End / Back End // Manufacturing Execution System: RFP Development, Vendor Shortlisting and Selection
  ATMI | Chemical Containment and Delivery Systems, NOWPak
FPD Market Study for Unique Application // Review of Market Opportunities in Flat Panel Display Materials // Cost of Ownership Analysis to Illustrate NOWPak Value Proposition // Process Research Regarding Methods for LCD Fabrication Gen 2 through Gen 7.5
  Cabot Corporation | CMP Products and Services
Market Research and Analysis // FPD Chemical Mechanical Polishing // Study market and applications for polishing in FPD fabrication and assembly
  Arizona State University | Flexible Display Center
Facilitated joint venture between Army Research Labs, Arizona State University, and other university / industrial partners // Established need for modeling of flexible display backplane costs based on previous modeling for USDC, Army and Industry needs for flexible backplane foundry // Developed cost and pricing plan to support  University business model for multi-user Cleanroom and Company Headquarters type facility // Developed plan for flexible display cost model with 5 to 10 year horizon to support Army program and future foundry for flexible displays // Building Evaluation (Facilities Infrastructure) and Utilization Plan // Facility Reconfiguration Support // Cleanroom Audit // Established tool cost model for 6 inch wafer tools and Gen 2 substrate tools // Tool Search and procurement Assistance for Fast Track Startup Tool Set: 6 inch and Gen 2, as well as Facilities and EHS Support Equipment (Gas Cabinets, etc.) // Tool Installation Design and Supervision // On-site Operations and Start-up Support
    Ultra-Scan Corporation |  Biometric Security Application Based on Novel Technology
Identification and selection of potential vendors for product development and manufacturing // Over 100 vendors interviewed // Completed vendor shortlisting // Assist with contracts and deliverable specification for each selected vendor // Testing and evaluation of specialty electronic product and services (TFTs, ACF, COF devices) // Vendor source inspections in 4 countries // Assembly tool and process development for unique device configuration