AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
> Start Up Consulting
> Cleanroom & Lab Design
Imaging Space Design
> Design Review
> Cleanroom and Lab Cost
> Estimating

> Modeling
> Process Improvements
> Technical Documentation
> Equipment Engineering
> Tool Relocation/Maintenance
> Tool Installation Design
> Toxic Gas Monitoring
> Forensic and Tool Inspection
> High Tech Operations / IE
> Consulting Studies
> Site Selection / Survey
> Supplier Ecosystem
> Economic & Tech Park
> Development

> Recruiting
> Training
  start up consulting experience
  GLOBALFOUNDRIES | 300mm / 450mm Capable Fab, Abu Dhabi
On Site Fab Design Consulting // UAE Supply Chain Evaluation and Consulting
  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology | Advanced Nanofabrication Cleanroom, Thin Films and Photovoltaic Research Labs
Awarded R&D Magazine’s  Lab of the Year 2011 // Nanotechnology Cleanroom // Cleanroom Design: Programming thru Construction Documents // Construction Administration // On Site Cleanroom Contractor Supervision // Tool Procurement Support / Specification Development / Negotiation with Vendors / Factory Acceptance Testing // Tool Installation Design and Construction Supervision //Shipping Logistics Support for Tools and Cleanroom Related Items // Materials and Supplies Procurement for Startup // EHS and Code Consulting // Tool Procurement Support for Thin Films Labs // Project Management for Bulk Nitrogen
  Qualcomm MEMS Technologies | MEMS Display Start Up Consulting
Facility/Tool Install Design Review // Documentation and Training of Fab and Assembly Processes, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, and Cleanroom Protocol // Acceptance Testing of Process Equipment // Development of Materials and Supplies Requirements // Capacity Modeling, Front End / Back End // Technology Transfer for Taiwan Fab
  Ultra-Scan Corp | Start Up Support for Biometric Security Application
Identification of Potential Vendors for Product Development and Manufacturing // Prototype Development Assistance // Prototype Assembly / Debug Support // TFT Manufacturing Support
  Power Paper, Ltd. | Manufacturability Study of Roll to Roll Process
Flexible Electronic Products – Battery and Skin Patch // New Technology and Process Evaluation // Evaluation of Revolutionary Roll to Roll Equipment Lines for Processing and Assembly // Review of Worldwide License Capabilities // Audit of Plant Capabilities in Israel and China for Potential Investment
  Mohawk Valley EDGE | Large Chip Fab Site
Site Evaluation – Vibration, EMI, Traffic // Optimize Site Layout // Market Site to IC Manufacturers // Wetlands Permit / Abatement Consulting // Develop Local Support and Infrastructure
  Luther Forest Technology Campus | Large Chip Fab Site
Industry Requirements & Environmental Impact Study Report // 300mm Wafer Fab Benchmark Study to accommodate 4 fabs // 1000 Acre site for World’s Largest IC Manufacturers // Site Survey (EMI, Vibration, RF, Acoustic) // Due Diligence Evaluation // VIP and Community Education // Successfully Marketed Site to AMD
  PerkinElmer Optoelectronics | X-Ray Imager TFT Fab
Fab Audit and Operational Improvement Consulting // Fab Expansion Design and Construction Support // Tool Procurement and Qualification Support
    N-trig, Ltd. | Magnetic Digitizer – Flexible Electronics
Start-up Support // Process Analysis // Assist with the Commercialization of New Technology // Device Cross Section
    Motorola Life Sciences | Bio Safety Lab (BLSII/III) Design and Construction
Biochip Lab and Manufacturing Cleanroom Expansion // Relocation Project Planning // Tool List, CAD Footprints // Utility Matrix
    Rockwell Collins | LCD Fab Renovation
Programming // Design // Budgeting // Layout // Utility Matrix
    Citala | New Flexible Display Fab
Roll to Roll Processing // Programming // Layout // Tool Analysis // Process Analysis
    Atmel | Operating Fab Building Acquisition
137,000 square foot Cleanroom // Site Evaluations to accommodate 0.18 micron process // Class 1 to Class 1,000 // Multi Level Fab, 2 Subfab Levels, Fan Deck, Ballroom // Layout for 200mm Tools // Utility Matrix // Room Condition Evaluation // Capacity Analysis // HPM Analysis
    Micron Technologies | 300mm Wafer Fab DRAM
Industrial Engineering // Layout // Utility Matrix // Capacity Study
    Amkor | High Volume Assembly and BGA Renovation
Layout and Utility Matrix Consulting // Utility Distribution Analysis
    Philips Semiconductors | Phased Renovation
BiCMOS, 0.25 to 0.18 Micron, 150mm and 200mm Wafer Fabs // SMIF Introduction // 75,000 Square Foot Renovation, including CMP Area // Class 10 to Class 1,000 // Utility Matrix // Equipment and Room Layouts // Vibration Analysis // Engineering Review // Automation Plan // Base Build Consulting Support // HPM Analysis
    Silterra (fka Wafer Technology) | Advanced CMOS, 200mm Wafer Fab, SMIF, 0.18 Micron
Awarded Top Fabs of 2002 by Semiconductor International Magazine, May 2002 // Class 1 to Class 1,000 Environment // Fan Deck, Cleanroom Raised Floor, Ballroom, Subfab // Copper and CMP Processes // Test and Failure Analysis // Layout Development/Optimization // Capacity Analysis // Utility Matrix // Tool Comparison // HPM Analysis // Automation Review //
Base Build Consulting Support // EMI Evaluation for Characterization Areas
    Siemens / Uniax | New OLED Manufacturing Process On Gen 2 Substrate
Manufacturing Process Feasibility Study // Cost analysis of current and proposed manufacturing processes // Cost modeling of Start-Up over 5 year horizon
    Texas Instruments (fka Unitrode) | 150mm BiCMOS Wafers
Fab Start-Up and Qualification // Tool installation and acceptance // Wafer process start-up, specifications and process development
// Etch, Diffusion, CVD
    FlipChip Technologies | Bump Wafer Fab
Tool Rigging // Wall Reconfiguration // Tool Positioning and Fit Up
    White Oak Semiconductor | 200mm Wafer Fab
Review of Conceptual Design
    Micron Technology | 200mm Wafer Fab, Submicron CMOS
Fab Layout // Potential Fab Acquisition Evaluation in France
    LSI Logic / ATA | 200mm CMOS
SMIF Wafer Fab Layout // Capacity Analysis // Modeling, Simulation, Automation and Utility Consulting
    Hewlett Packard | 200mm CMOS Wafer Fab
Hi-Thruput Fab Facility // Conceptual Design // Mini-Environment, Automation // Layout // Utilities
    OIS Optical Imaging Systems, Inc. | AMLCD Pilot Demonstration Facility
First in the USA // Conceptual Design, Bid Specs, Layout // Construction Management // Fit-Up Design and Supervision // Material Handling System Design – Front Opening Unified Pod with Minienvironment (KPOD)
    Medtronic / Microrel | Medical, Implantable Hybrids (Pacemakers)
Start up of Tachy Manufacturing Line // Renovation/Validation, Process Equipment Engineering // FDA Auditable // Hybrid Design Rule, Development
    Delco Electronics / Bump Fab | Bump Wafers - Automotive
Bump Fab Phased Renovation of Existing Fab // Conceptual Design // Layout // Utility Matrix // Phase Planning // Management Presentation
    AIL Systems, Division of Eaton | Hi-Rel Hybrids, SAW Devices, Si and GaAs Wafer
Campus Consolidation of Fab, Assembly, and Test
    Galileo / Electro-Optics | Electro-Optics Multi-Process Fab, Assembly, Test
Fiber Optic Medical Instrument Development And Manufacturing // Process Analysis // New Fab Layout // Utility Matrix // Construction Support