AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
> Start Up Consulting
> Cleanroom & Lab Design
Imaging Space Design
> Design Review
> Cleanroom and Lab Cost
> Estimating

> Modeling
> Process Improvements
> Technical Documentation
> Equipment Engineering
> Tool Relocation/Maintenance
> Tool Installation Design
> Toxic Gas Monitoring
> Forensic and Tool Inspection
> High Tech Operations / IE
> Consulting Studies
> Site Selection / Survey
> Supplier Ecosystem
> Economic & Tech Park
> Development

> Recruiting
> Training
  process improvement / development experience
  Confidential Client  | Battery Manufacturer – Environmental Control
Optimize room and conditions for cost effective low humidity processing // Improve material handling // Contamination reduction
  Confidential Client | Infrared Systems, Producer of Night Vision Equipment
Yield Assessment and Improvement Recommendations for Proprietary Processes // Identification of Process and Equipment Bottlenecks for Multiple Process Areas, Including MOCVD and Etch // Process and Equipment Optimization // Particle Analysis // Utility Matrix and Layout Development for Planning Future Needs
  Confidential Client | Scale Up of Electrically Controllable Window Tinting Process
Determine process flow // Develop tool set // Layout pilot line cleanroom // Obtain product samples
  Hanita Coatings | Scale Up of Anti-Reflection Coating of Large Area Glass Panels
Develop preliminary product cost model // Determine space requirements for prototype lab // Assist in prototype tool acceptance
  Ultra-Scan Corp | Biometric Security Application
Identification of Potential Vendors for Product Development and Manufacturing // Prototype Development Assistance // Prototype Assembly / Debug Support  TFT Manufacturing Support
  RPO Pty, Ltd. | Flexible Substrate Handling Study
Touch screen system for electronics consumer product application // Identification of automation strategy involving multiple existing vendors and automation technologies
  PerkinElmer Optoelectronics | Sensor Panel for X-ray Imaging
Audit of facility for yield improvement // Areas of analysis were ESD, Contamination, Production Flow, Bottlenecks, and Optimization // Capacity Expansion Assistance
  Hologic | Medical Sensor Display
Operations Review // Process Flow Analysis // Inspection and Lamination Tool Requirements and Selection // Process Specification Review and Update // Return on Investment Model // Cleanroom Protocol Presentation and Class // Consult on Yield Enhancement, Cleanliness, Process Layout, Material Handling, and ESD Reduction in Manufacturing of medical imaging displays (mammography and other x-rays)
    Gretag Imaging | Re-design of LCD Optical Device for High Speed Printing
Development of CAD Layouts of Device // Fabrication of prototypes // Developed outsourcing vendors for production
    Charles & Colvard (Formerly C3, Inc.) | Silicon Carbide Gemstones (Moissanite)
Wedging Operation Optimization // Tool Capability // Process Analysis Manufacturing // Cost Analysis
    Kodak | OLED FPD Pilot Line Ramp Up Optimization
SPC and Operations Systems Development // Process Engineering Leadership – Photolithography // Process Equipment Maintenance and PM Procedure Development
    MEMSolutions | MEMS Display Development, Pilot Line
Process Development and Optimization // Process Engineering and Equipment Maintenance
    Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. (Formerly MNC, Andersen Labs) | Thin and Thick Film Hybrids, SAW Devices
Consult on Hybrid Process Optimization for Etch, Photo Lithography, Seed Metal // Process Specification Development // Process Yield Enhancement // Training
    Ericsson Components | Advanced Bipolar, BiCMOS – 4” Wafers
Process Optimization for Etch, Photo and Thin Films including implementation of SPC and seven step problem solving method
    Colorado Microdisplay | Miniature Reflective LCD
Consult on process and automation of wafer and glass based FPD manufacturing, including wafer foundry and LCD assembly process.
    Akashic Memories | Hard Drive Disc Manufacturing
Consult on hard drive process, layout, HVAC and cleanliness // ESD reduction in two manufacturing areas
    Sterling Diagnostic Imaging Systems | Tiled Medical Imaging Device
Optimization of clean environment, including ESD reduction and layout
    Kopin Corporation | Miniature Transmissive Color LCD
Color filter process development // transfer to foundry and production validation // tool and cleanroom setup
    Amerasia / Oak Ridge National Labs | Thin Film Lithium Batteries
Process evaluation for scale up and manufacturability
    GMT Microelectronics | 1 Micron CMOS Wafer Fab
Process yield enhancement // Process engineering // Training
    Commodore Semiconductor | 2 Micron DLM Gate Array
Fab/Test // Process engineering // Yield enhancement // Manufacturing management // Contamination control
    Lasercom | InP Laser Fab, Assy Test
Process Specification Development // Yield Enhancement
    SGS-Thomson | CMOS Wafer Fab
Yield Enhancement // Contamination Control Training