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Imaging Space Design
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  modeling experience
  Solergy | Feasibility Study for Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells
Process flow and associated tool list development // Cost model // Tool layout options
  Plextronics | Feasibility Study for Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Cost model and analysis // Pilot line manufacturing site evaluation // Tool and materials interaction evaluation / recommendations // Substrate studies including roll to roll
  ATMI | FPD Market Study for Unique Chemical Containment and Delivery System, NOWPak
Review of Market Opportunities in Flat Panel Display Materials // Cost of Ownership Analysis to Illustrate NOWPak Value Proposition // Tool and Process Research Regarding Methods for LCD Fabrication Gen 2 through Gen 7.5
  RPO Pty, Ltd. | Capacity and Cost Modeling
Flexible Touch Screen System for Consumer Electronics Application
  Confidential Client | Capacity and Cost Modeling
MEMS Display Process and Product Mix Modeling for Development Line
    Luther Forest Technology Campus | Fab Site Location – Net Present Cost Model
Compared world-wide locations of 300mm fab sites // Evaluated impact of incentives including tax abatement, investment, and alternate project financing // Modeled specific sites for potential clients
    Arizona State University | Flexible Display Center Start Up
Joint venture between Army Research Labs, Arizona State University, and other university / industrial partners // Established need for modeling of flexible display backplane costs based on previous modeling for USDC, Army and Industry needs for flexible backplane foundry // Established tool cost model for 6 inch wafer tools and Gen 2 substrate tools // Developed cost and pricing plan to support University business model for multi-user Cleanroom  and Company Headquarters type facility // Developed plan for flexible display cost model with 5 to 10 year horizon to support Army program and future foundry for flexible displays
    University of California at Riverside | CNSE, Bourns Hall Cleanroom
Developed CARME operational cost model for University nanotechnology cleanroom and FIB area // Balanced cost and recharge rates over 5 year outlook for establishing cleanroom user and staff growth // Benchmarked other UC Cleanroom cost and charge-out rates // Established key tool vendor negotiations to capitalize maintenance and warranty costs to alleviate  operating costs
    Duke University | CIEMAS Cleanroom (Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering and Medical Applied Sciences)
Developed CARME operational cost model for University cleanroom and characterization areas // Includes facility base usage charge, special tool charge and personnel services charges // Benchmarked other shared user facilities
    USDC | Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Cost Model for Flexible Displays
Update 2003 study including current industry information on Process Flows, Tools and Materials
    USDC | Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Cost Model for Flexible Displays
Cost model includes equipment research and layouts for active and passive matrix and OLED/PLEDs // Process types and their associated capabilities in terms of device dimensions, temperature requirements, throughput rate, and layer-to-layer registration // Roll-to-Roll tool and handling characteristics important to meet process and production criteria // Tool and equipment types with reasonably established flexible substrate and roll-to-roll capabilities, and their estimated prices // Possible factory layouts and tool groupings for flexible substrate processing, using roll-to-roll processes where possible // Estimated cleanliness in terms of clean class and local minienvironments needed for processing // Estimated cost to create a roll to roll factory for flexible displays with the parameters described above
    USDC | Horizontal vs. Vertical Flat Panel Processing Study
Cost analysis of transition to vertical material handling // Cost modeling of transition from generation 3.5 to generation 5 substrates utilizing AGI’s Jupiter© software.
    USDC | Commercialization of Factory Planner Software for FPD Factory Simulation and Modeling
Development of integrated factory planning software, including layout, capacity, automation, and cost of ownership analysis // Validation of AMLCD and FED factory models // Includes plate matching analysis
    USDC | 12.1” AMLCD Notebook Display Fab Cost Model
Web Based Processing Team Member // Glass Edge Chipping Equipment Development and Substrate Study // RFP generation and tool port plate height study // Participant in material handling worldwide Benchmarking study // Developed Cost of Ownership Seminar for FPD division of SEMI, presented first in Korea.
    DuPont Displays
Cost Model for Flexible Displays
    Raytheon | Optical Phased Array – 100mm Substrate FPD/IC Process
Low Volume Factory Model/Cost Analysis // Operations Relocation Consulting // Site Selection Analysis
    Fujitsu | 200mm DRAM Wafer Fab
Assist with sale of US fab // Create Capacity/Cost Model for Alternate buyer scenarios.
    Citala | New Flexible Display Fab
Roll to Roll Processing // Automation Analysis // Programming, Layout, Utility Matrix // Tool Analysis and Selection // Process Analysis // Cost/Factory Model // Benchmark Display Costs
    Dow Chemical | Display Technology Evaluation
Cost Model // Equipment Analysis and Recommendations // Process Analysis
    Display Sciences | MEMS Display
Factory and Cost Model // Software Instruction/Sale
    Sandia National Labs | Wafer Fab Expansion and Renovation
FabTech© Utility Matrix, Delta Studies // Tool Research // Software Instruction/Sale
    Motorola BioChip | BioChip Pilot Line Scale Up
Management of Scale up and move // FabTech© Utility Matrix for Lab and Production Areas
    IPC - Printed Circuit Board Conference | Cost of Ownership Class
eValuate© Model
    Arima – Broadband Semiconductor | GaAs 6” Wafer Fab
Jupiter© Factory Cost Model // FabTech© Utility Matrix // Fab Layout // Software Instruction
    Atmel | 200 mm Wafer Fab, Multibuilding Renovation
FabTech© Utility Matrix, Correlated to Phased Layout // Jupiter© Capacity Model // Software Instruction/Sales
    Amkor / Siemens / Atmel | 200 mm Wafer Fab
Technical Evaluation // Jupiter© Factory Model, Moves Matrix, Capacity Scenarios and Analysis
    Matsushita Corporation of America, MASCA | 200mm Wafer Fab – Multibuilding Site
Jupiter© Factory Model, Capacity Analysis, Moves Matrix // Support of Facility Marketing
    3M | Jupiter© Factory Cost and Capacity Model
Rigorous static model for tool set determination, fab capacity and start-up cost // Comparative product cost model for display technologies
    Silterra | 200mm SMIF Wafer Fab Design
Utility matrix development and analysis of proposed process equipment for facility design purposes (FabTech©) // Static capacity modeling for tool set determination and verification (Jupiter©)
    Philips Semiconductor | 200mm SMIF Wafer Fab Retrofit
Utility matrix development and analysis of proposed process equipment for facility design purposes (FabTech©)
    Littelfuse | USB Controller Chip Manufacturing Process
Cost model of generic manufacturing process created to analyze feasibility and cost-effectiveness of proposed product (Jupiter©)
    SEMI | FPD Cost of Ownership (CoO)
Taught CoO course at SEMI DisplayWorks '99 // Presented AGI’s eValuate© Cost of Ownership Modeling Software
    Siemens / Uniax | New OLED Manufacturing Process on Generation 2 Substrate
Manufacturing Process Feasibility Study // Cost analysis of current and proposed manufacturing processes (Jupiter©) // Cost modeling of start up over 5 year horizon (Jupiter©)
    Rohm & Haas | Proprietary LCD Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing feasibility analysis // Cost analysis of proposed process and equipment alternatives (Jupiter©)
    Ericsson Components | 4” CMOS and Bi-polar Wafer Fab, 6” CMOS Fab
Validation of simulation model inputs (AutoMOD) // Process flow validation // Development of new dynamic simulation model (AutoSched) // Overall cycle time comparisons for factory // Evaluation of conversion of 100mm wafer fab to 150mm, including floor space, tool, and factory ramp considerations (Jupiter©)
    Kodak | OLED Flat Panel Displays
Cost modeling for selection of manufacturing process // Strategic planning for proposed greenfield facility // Cost feasibility analysis of proposed locations // Product cost analysis for R&D, pilot, and production phases (Jupiter©)
    Visible Genetics | DNA Testing Microcel Manufacturing
Analysis of ramifications of automating the factory // Capacity and cost calculations for proposed automation scenarios (Jupiter©)
    LSI Logic | 200mm SMIF CMOS Wafer Fab
Validation of tool set and layout/space using dynamic and static models, prior to construction (Jupiter©)
    SI Diamond Technology | Field Emission Displays
Development of product cost model and investment / scale-up requirements
    Grumman Space Systems | SDI Focal Plane Array
HgCdTe, CMOS, Hybrid Technology // Manufacturing Cost Model