AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
> Start Up Consulting
> Cleanroom & Lab Design
Imaging Space Design
> Design Review
> Cleanroom and Lab Cost
> Estimating

> Modeling
> Process Improvements
> Technical Documentation
> Equipment Engineering
> Tool Relocation/Maintenance
> Tool Installation Design
> Toxic Gas Monitoring
> Forensic and Tool Inspection
> High Tech Operations / IE
> Consulting Studies
> Site Selection / Survey
> Supplier Ecosystem
> Economic & Tech Park
> Development

> Recruiting
> Training
  high tech operations / industrial engineering experience
  Skyworks Solutions, Inc. | GaAs 4 to 6 Inch Wafer Conversion
Industrial Engineering // Tool Installation and Rearrangement // Contractor Supervision // Materials and Supplies Ordering
  RPO Pty, Ltd | Novel Waveguide Touch Screen
Product Cost Model // Facility Audit / Process Audit / Operations Audit – Fab Assembly and Chemical Synthesis // Operational and QC Specification Development // Substrate Handling Optimization // Equipment Design and Purchasing Support for Novel Application  
  PerkinElmer Optoelectronics | Sensor Panel for X-ray Imaging
PECVD Tool Qualification // Capacity Model for Expansion // Audit of Facility for Yield Improvement // Areas of Analysis Included ESD, Contamination, Production Flow, Bottlenecks, and Optimization // Assist with Tool Acquisition/Relocation
  Qualcomm MEMS Technology | MEMS Display Start Up Consulting
Facility/Tool Install Design Review // Documentation and training of Fab and Assembly Processes, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, and Cleanroom Protocol // Acceptance testing of process equipment // Development of materials and supplies requirements // Capacity Modeling, Front End / Back End
  Hologic | TFT Panels and Hybrids – Medical Imager
Optimize Process and Equipment for Productivity and Quality // Cleanroom Evaluation / Training // Tool Selection Assistance // Capacity Modeling
  Creo | Thermal Imaging for Printing
Clean Tool Design Optimization // Clean Tool Assembly / Crating / Shipping Plan // Tool Construction Evaluation
  Raytheon | Optical Phased Array – 100mm Substrate FPD/IC Process
Low Volume Factory Model/Cost Analysis // Operations Relocation Consulting // Site Selection Analysis
    Hynix Semiconductor | Multifab DRAM Operations
Operations and wafer cost review // Technology and wafer size roadmap audit
    Shipley | R&D Fab Operations Improvement Plan
Tool Utilization // Scheduling Optimization // Fab Organization // Management Recommendations
    Gretag Imaging | Re-design of LCD Optical Device for High Speed Printing
Development of CAD Layouts of Device // Fabrication of Prototypes // Developed Outsourcing Vendors for Production
    Kodak | OLED FPD Pilot Line Ramp Up Optimization
SPC and Operations Systems Development // Process Engineering Leadership – Photolithography // Process Equipment Maintenance and PM Procedure Development
    MEMSolutions | MEMS Display Development, Pilot Line
Process Development and Optimization // Process Engineering and Equipment Maintenance
    Charles & Colvard (Formerly C3, Inc.) | Silicon Carbide Gemstones (Moissanite)
Wedging Operation Optimization // Tool Capability and Process Analysis // Manufacturing and Cost Analysis
    Motorola | Advanced CMOS, 8” Wafer Fab, 0.35 Micron
Equipment Maintenance: Thin films, Ion Implant, CVD, Metrology
    Ericsson Components | BIPOLAR, BiCMOS, CMOS Wafer Fabs, 0.35 Micron
Evaluate 150mm Conversion Of Existing Wafer Fabs // Layout Optimization // Utility Matrix Development // Process Optimization and Operations Turnaround // Extensive Factory Modeling for Product Mix Changes // Equipment Engineering and Maintenance – Etch, Photo
    Texas Instruments (Formerly Unitrode) | 150mm BiCMOS Fab Start Up, 0.6 Micron
Tool Installation and Acceptance // Wafer Process Start-up, Specification Development // Etch, Diffusion, CVD
    Colorado Microdisplay | LCD Microdisplay
Consult on process and automation of wafer and glass based FPD manufacturing, including wafer foundry and LCD assembly process // Consult on manufacturing strategies and management
    Seagate Technologies | MR Heads For High Performance Disk Drives
New fab Industrial Engineering // Cycle time reduction // Dispatch rules // Operational audit // Factory modeling recommendations
    Littelfuse | Thin Film Fuses, TVs, Thyristor Devices
Manufacturing Technology, Technology Transfer // Wafer fab and Gas discharge TVS acquisition evaluation // Fab Audits // Foundry Evaluations
    Reedholm Instruments |
Test equipment // Wafer level reliability // Equipment marketing
    Electronic Data Systems/Winbond | 8” CMOS Wafer Fab Foundry
Fab audit // Information Technology Roadmap development // WIP reduction, cycle time improvement
    Advanced Micro Devices | Advanced CMOS Microprocessors, Logic
Course development and training:  Parametric Testing, Basic Electronics, Wafer Reliability, Semiconductor Physics and Wafer Sort, Class rating 4.8/5 // Multiple fabs / site training support
    GMT Microelectronics | Silicon Wafer Foundry
Business plan development and market analysis // Process equipment maintenance
    China Electrical Eng. Design Inst. (CEEDI) |
Cleanroom consulting // Training // Facility planning // Technology transfer
    General Semiconductor Industries, Inc. | Transient Voltage Suppression Devices – Wafers, Modules, MOV’s
Technical Operations Management // Process, device, product, and equipment engineering, strategic technology development, quality and reliability (MIL STD, ISO 9000) // Successful turnaround / sale of company // First DESC qualified line outside of USA
    Commodore Semiconductor | 2 micron CMOS DLM
Gate Array Fab / Test // Process Engineering // Yield Enhancement // Manufacturing Management // Contamination Control
    Grumman Space Systems | SDI Focal Plane Array
HgCdTe, CMOS, Hybrid Technology // Manufacturing Cost Model
    Lasercom | InP Laser Fab, Assy Test
Process Specification Development // Yield Enhancement
    SGS-Thomson | CMOS Wafer Fab
Yield Enhancement // Contamination Control // Training