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  expert witness, forensic and tool inspection experience
  Paul Hastings | Patent Infringement Case
Expert Witness Testimony and Detailed Report for AU Optronics Corporation // Provided Written Pre-Filed Testimony // Case Settled
  GilbertiLaw | New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI)
Live Expert Witness Services Regarding Construction of 190-mile, Bipolar, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Line // Provided Written Pre-Filed Testimony // Responded to Questions and Provided Direct and Rebuttal Testimony // Electro-Magnetic Field Witness // Case Resulted in NYRI Withdrawing Its Application from Consideration by the Public Service Commission
  Colliers TMA | Damage Claim on issue on HP 95000 Laser
Inspection of Damaged Tool
  Willams Mullen
Review of Case Documentation for Breach of Contract // Responded to Questions Regarding Similarity of Reports of 2 EMI Companies
  Forcon International
Client required sourcing of alternate chip suppliers, following discontinuation of sole source line // Validation of chip and board re-design to accommodate new supplier // Comparison of design function: original vs. new // Significance of upgrade over original design // Cost of recovery vs. cost of re-design.
  Forcon International
Consult, and Assess Potential Scenarios / Recommendations for Recovery and Potential Lost Revenue as a result of Damaged Tools
  Forcon International
Assessment of Tools Damaged: During Shipment, Fire Damage, Facilities Malfunctions, Recovery Plans and Countermeasures, Operational Loss Results
  Werlinger & Associates | Semiconductor Factory Assessment
Fab damaged by fire // 5” wafer process // Evaluate re-start up and re-qualification of tools and process
  Duane Morris
Assessment of Stepper damaged during shipment
    Confidential Client
Expert testimony regarding health related claims as a result of semiconductor wafer processing work // Tool assessments and evaluations
    Confidential Client
Expert testimony regarding injured worker during fab start up
Evaluation of cleanroom conditions associated with injury
    Attorney, Arizona
Evaluation of process cooling water damage to wafer fabrication area including tool, product and revenue impact.