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  imaging, characterization and sensitive lab space design

University of California – Irvine | TEM Facility
Site Evaluation & Selection // EMI, Vibration, Acoustics Testing for multiple sites under consideration for the proposed center // Programming for several location options on the UCI campus – Renovation vs. Greensite // Core & Shell building design support: MEP and Architectural for EU3 site // Specialty labs design: 4 TEM Facilities, FIB / SEM, and Prep Labs // Preliminary ROM Cost Estimates

  Georgia Institute of Technology | Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center Microscopy and Imaging Center
AGI benchmarked other successful imaging projects and assisted the Architect to optimize the tool layout and room design. The existing space had many constraints including height, existing utilities and adjacent MEP equipment rooms. The tool requirements were very stringent for temperature control, Vibration, EMI and Acoustical noise. // AGI provided the Imaging certification and acceptance testing spec, coached the commissioning team and reviewed results, which were successful. // Design Review/Assist: Microscopy / Imaging Laboratory functionality, HVAC and mechanical piping design, EMI, Vibration and Acoustics, Electrical and Structural design, Accessibility and maintainability of critical mechanical equipment serving the labs., Recommended approach for lab fit-up and tool hook-up.
  University of California, Irvine | Brain Mapping Center
Site Tour of proposed space // Analysis of Equipment, Pharmacy and Patient Flow for “Test to fit” // Preliminary ROM Cost Estimation // EMI, Vibration, Acoustics Testing for multiple sites under consideration for the proposed center
  The University of Connecticut | UCONN Tech Park - Innovation Partnership Building
Technology Park visioning // Masterplan for Technology Park // Programming for phase I building // Site evaluation & selection // Core & shell building design support // Specialty labs design: Advanced Characterization Labs (ACL), Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMIC) // Tool Installation Design

Arizona State University | Southwestern Center for Abberration Corrected Electron Microscopy (SW-ACEM)
Four Imaging Suites // Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy // Fast Track Design and Construction // Multiple Site Surveys for Identification of ‘Best-Site’ Candidates for Center // Benchmarking of ACEM Imaging Room Designs - Performance // Imaging Lab Design Review // Tool Research and Analysis // Vibration and Acoustics Consulting // Coordination of EMI, Vibration and Acoustics Abatement with Design Team

Client Testimonial:
Abbie Gregg Inc. (AGI) played an essential, successful role in siting and design of Arizona State University’s new Southwestern Center for Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy, located on the urban main campus at Tempe. The microscopes, located in the new Center building, have demonstrated atomic spatial resolution and the world’s highest energy resolution, 12 millielectron volts, for electron energy loss spectroscopy with atomic spatial resolution. Extreme thermomechanical, magnetic and acoustical stability is required for the laboratories in the new Center building in order to achieve this microscope performance. AGI performed site stability surveys on the campus to determine the best, most stable building site, benchmarked the building design using microscope stability specifications and coordinated EMI, vibration and acoustic abatement with the architectural design team. The new building is now the most stable aberration corrected electron microscopy site among all US universities.
~ Prof. R. W. Carpenter, Project Principle Investigator

  University of Southern California | Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience
Construction Completed, Tool Hookup in Progress // 10,000 SF Cleanroom // 7,200 SF Imaging Suite // 193,000 Gross SF in Project // 80,000 Net Assignable SF // Class 100, 1000 Nanofabrication Cleanroom // Advanced Electron Microscopy Imaging Suites // Cleanroom, Imaging, and HPM Rooms Design // Layout and Utility Matrix Development // Gas and Chemical Analysis // Code Consulting/LAFD Presentation // BIM and Cobie model for all Nano and HPM areas // Commissioning Support Consulting
  University of Chicago  |  William Eckhardt Research Center (WERC)
Nanotechnology Cleanroom with E-Beam Lithography, Imaging Suite, Biotech Laboratories, MBE // Cleanroom Design: Programming through Construction Documents // Site Survey (EMI, Vibration, RF, Acoustic) and Abatement Consulting
  Sandia National Labs | TEM Room Renovation
Renovation to Accommodate Installation of a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) into Existing Lab Space // Consulting Support, Renovation Design Review, and Recommendations for TEM Environment including Vibration, EMI, Acoustics, Temperature Control, and Architectural Conditions (Room Height, Doors, Chases)
  University of Michigan | Solid State Electronics Lab
CMOS and MEMS Cleanroom with E-Beam and Sub-Micron Lithography and MBE // Cleanroom Design: Programming through Construction Documents // Vibration, EMI and Acoustics Consulting, including Abatement Recommendations
  Duke University | Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering and Applied Sciences
Nano and Bio Cleanroom with E-Beam Lithography, Characterization, Imaging Areas and MBE // Cleanroom Design: Programming through Construction Documents // Vibration, Acoustics, and EMI Consulting and Abatement Recommendations
  University of California at Berkeley | CITRIS II / Marvell Nanofab
Semiconductor and MEMS Cleanroom with Mask Making and Characterization // Vibration and EMI Analysis of Advanced Tool Set and Research Activities
  Harvard University | LISE
Nanotechnology Cleanroom with Imaging and Materials Synthesis Areas // Cleanroom Design: Programming through Construction Documents // Vibration, EMI and Acoustics Consulting, including Abatement Recommendations
  University of California at Riverside | CNSE
Nanotechnology Cleanroom with  E-Beam Lithography and Characterization // Cleanroom Programming and Design Support (Design/Build Project) // Vibration and EMI Consulting and Abatement Recommendations
  MIT | Microphotonics Lab
Semiconductor Cleanroom with Characterization Areas // Vibration and EMI Analysis and Abatement Recommendations


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