AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
> Start Up Consulting
> Cleanroom & Lab Design
Imaging Space Design
> Design Review
> Cleanroom and Lab Cost
> Estimating

> Modeling
> Process Improvements
> Technical Documentation
> Equipment Engineering
> Tool Relocation/Maintenance
> Tool Installation Design
> Toxic Gas Monitoring
> Forensic and Tool Inspection
> High Tech Operations / IE
> Consulting Studies
> Site Selection / Survey
> Supplier Ecosystem
> Economic & Tech Park
> Development

> Recruiting
> Training
  economic and tech park development experience
  The University of Connecticut | UCONN Tech Park - Innovation Partnership Building
Technology Park visioning // Masterplan for Technology Park // Programming for phase I building // Site evaluation & selection // Core & shell building design support // Specialty labs design: Advanced Characterization Labs (ACL), Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMIC) // Tool Installation Design
  Osceola County Florida | Bridging the Innovation Development Gap (BRIDG) - FKA FAMRC / ICAMR
Cleanroom, Imaging, and HPM Rooms Design through Construction Documents, and Construction Administration Services // Process Analysis and confirmation of User requirements // Tool List, Tool Analysis, Tool Cut Sheet, and CAD Footprint // CAD Drawings and Building Background Integration // Room and Area Layouts, Room Conditions, Utility Matrix // Code Consulting
  Studebaker Corridor  |  Site Selection Consulting
187 acre site in South Bend, Indiana // First of 2 State Certified Technology Parks in Indiana // Site Survey (EMI, Vibration, RF, Acoustic) // Development of Typical Footprint, Height and Adjacency Requirements for High Tech Buildings // Provided Typical Industrial Requirements for Chip Fab Type Buildings and Associated Infrastructure Requirements // Review Alternate Approaches for the Site Master Plan
  INDI, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Integrado | Industrial Technology (IT) Park
150 Hectares Site // Strategic Development Planning, including Best Practices and Critical Success Factors // Selection of Optimal Development Model // Development of Strategic Positioning and Marketing Plan // Development of a Collaboration Plan with Value-Creation Programs // Development of Admissions Criteria and Selection of Companies // Development of Methodology of Technology Transfer between Corporations, Organizations and Institutes within the IT Park // Recommendations of Technology, Innovation and R&D Programs that can attract Multi National Corporations and other companies into the IT Park // Development of Organizational Structure for the Management of Technological Development in the IT Park
  Mohawk Valley EDGE  |  Large Chip Fab Site
Site Evaluation - Vibration / EMI / Traffic // Optimize Site Layout // Market Site to IC Manufacturers // Wetlands Permit / Abatement Consulting // Develop Local Support and Infrastructure
  Arizona State University  |  Flexible Display Center
Army Proposal Support: Matched Site to Project Needs // Support in the Solicitation of Academic and Industrial Partners // Assisted Business Plan Development // Assisted Development of Technical Plan and Road Map // Developed Tool List, 6-inch and Gen II // Orchestrated On-site Presentation Meetings to Army
Operations Plan Building Acquisition: Building Evaluation (Facilities Infrastructure) and Utilization Plan // Environmental Assessment // Cleanroom Audit // Building Business Plan Evaluation and Support // Assisted in Developing Budget for Acquisition Center Start-up Support
On-site Operations and Start-up Support: Tool Installation Design // Facility Reconfiguration Support
  Luther Forest Technology Campus  |  Large Chip Fab Site
Industry Requirements & Environmental Impact Study Report // 300mm Wafer Fab Benchmark Study to Accommodate 4 Fabs // 1000 Acre site for World’s Largest IC Manufacturers // Site Survey (EMI, Vibration, RF, Acoustic) // Due Diligence Evaluation // VIP and Community Education // Successfully Marketed Site to AMD
    Rensselear County  |  Community Development Assistance
VIP and Community Education // Seminar Planning and Execution // Site Selection Consulting // Review of Water and Sewer Projects Needed to Support High Tech Manufacturing