AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
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> Cleanroom & Lab Design
Imaging Space Design
> Design Review
> Cleanroom and Lab Cost
> Estimating

> Modeling
> Process Improvements
> Technical Documentation
> Equipment Engineering
> Tool Relocation/Maintenance
> Tool Installation Design
> Toxic Gas Monitoring
> Forensic and Tool Inspection
> High Tech Operations / IE
> Consulting Studies
> Site Selection / Survey
> Supplier Ecosystem
> Economic & Tech Park
> Development

> Recruiting
> Training
  consulting studies: product market research, due diligence, valuation and feasibility studies
  nTact | Marketing Assistance for R&D Scale Slot Die Coating Tool
Review of Marketing Methods // Identification of Potential Users // Development and Administration of Survey / Introduction of Tool to Potential Users // Design of Marketing Collateral for Specific Audiences
  Wentworth Property Company, LLC | Adaptive Reuse Study and Benchmarks for Semiconductor Facility (Freescale)
GaAs Wafer Fab // Complex Semiconductor R&D and Manufacturing Site // Contamination Abatement Study / Testing and Recommendations // Lease and Purchase Pricing Benchmarks and Cost Analysis
  Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) | Thin Film Solar Laminates
Provided required engineering report for DOE loan guarantee application // Reviewed project plan, siting and permitting, engineering and design // Reviewed environmental compliance, testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance
  Solergy | Feasibility Study for Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells
Process flow and associated tool list development // Cost model // Tool layout options
  Plextronics | Feasibility Study for Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Cost model and analysis // Pilot line manufacturing site evaluation // Substrate studies including roll to roll // Tool and materials interaction evaluation / recommendations
  ATMI | FPD Market Study for Unique Chemical Containment and Delivery System, NOWPak
Review of Market Opportunities in Flat Panel Display Materials // Cost of Ownership Analysis to Illustrate NOWPak Value Proposition // Tool and Process Research Regarding Methods for LCD Fabrication Gen 2 through Gen 7.5
  Amadeus Capital Partners | Due Diligence Consulting for Potential Investment in Micro-Electric Patch Manufacturer
Evaluation of manufacturing, quality and process capabilities of a proposed investment in leading pioneer of micro-electric patch technology for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries // Evaluation made in the areas of ink mixing, battery processing, patch processing, test, assembly and quality assurance for the cosmetic and pharma products // Evaluation of Israel and China Factories
  AES Corporation | Due Diligence Consulting for Potential Investment in Leading Solar Panel Manufacturer
Evaluation of manufacturing, quality and process capabilities of a proposed investment // Evaluation made in the areas of cell processing, test, module assembly and quality assurance for solar farm product // Cost model, technology and roll to roll process review
    RPO Party, Ltd. | Flexible Substrate Handling Study
Touch screen system for electronics consumer product application //Identification of handling method and potential vendors for multiple process tools
    UltraScan, Corporation | TFT Sourcing Assistance
Biometric security application based on novel technology // Identification of potential vendors for product development and manufacturing
    Hunt Growth Capital | Due Diligence Consulting for Potential Investment in Company Manufacturing Tools for Creating and Measuring Small Particles
Assessment of product fit into the general work flow of a modern semi-conductor fab // Assessment of strategic importance of the various products, and market positioning of the various customers // Assessment of product extensions, competitive threats, product lifecycle // Assessment of manufacturing, documentation and process, q-a control, customer responsiveness, innovation // Assessment of research and development capability // Assessment of pricing and margins for various products // Assessment of whether company has sufficient capability (facilities, human resources, controls) to scale its business from current revenue run rate to a business 3 to 5 times larger // Assessment of whether the market for products would support projected growth // Assessment of product offerings (too many, custom made non-scalable, no margin
    Confidential Client | LCD Yield Evaluation Equipment Pricing History
Analysis of pricing trends for TFT, color filter and cell assembly inspection, test and repair equipment // Study of FPD yield enhancement equipment configurations and markets
    QSecure, Inc. | Suitable Display Search, Manufacturing Sources Study
Credit card with display based on novel security technology // Study tool vendors and foundries for manufacturing of flexible electronics // Search for suitable display vendors and technologies to meet banking industry standards for secure credit card transactions
    ICL Performance Products | Market Research and Manufacturing Facility Feasibility Study
High purity phosphoric acid for FPD wet processing // Training of R&D, product, and marketing teams regarding FPD and Semiconductor processing and market // Feasibility study and budget for ultra clean filtration and dispense plant design
    Cabot Corporation | Market Research and Analysis
FPD Chemical Mechanical Polishing // Study market and applications for polishing in FPD fabrication and assembly
    DARPA | Macroelectronics Program Technology Viability Review 
Review of benchmarks, approximate costs, and likelihood of manufacturing readiness for large area flexible macroelectronics products.
    Boeing | Fab in Space
Evaluated Wafer Price Premium and Markets, based on revolutionary manufacturing technology for super fast cycle time
    Citala | Flexible Display Product
Evaluate Cost/Price for small to medium form factor displays used in PDAs, cell phones, and electronic books
    Confidential Client | Wafer Fab
Benchmark Fab Sale Prices and Compare to Valuation of assets
    Confidential Client 
200mm Automated Wafer Fabs (MASCA, Siemens-North Tyneside, Hitachi-Dallas, Hynix-Korea) // Benchmark Process Equipment, Facilities and Technology // Assist in valuation for potential acquisition, sale or refinancing
    Nuken | New Ion Implant Source Material
Worldwide Market Study to validate opportunity
    Confidential Client | Touch Screen and Polarizer Manufacturers
Benchmark Markets and Technology // Resulted in 3 acquisitions
    Electroglas | Sort Floor Operations Inspection 
Fair market valuation and evaluation of overall market // Resulted in acquisition of Techné Systems
    Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. (fka MNC, Andersen Labs) | Technical Valuation of a Potential Acquisition
Surface Acoustic Wave and Hi-Rel Hybrid Manufacturer
    Colorado Micro Display | Government Funding Search
Evaluate availability of Government funding from DARPA and ATP for early stage Flat Panel Microdisplay product
    Littelfuse | Technical Valuation of Several Potential Acquisitions
Gas Discharge tube and wafer based Diode manufacturer // Transient Voltage Suppression market expansion by acquisition of wafer fab, test and assembly operations worldwide
    Electroglas | Yield Management Software 
Market evaluation // Resulted in acquisition of Knight’s Technologies
    Olympus | Semiconductor and FPD Inspection and CD Measurement Equipment
Market and technical evaluation
    General Semiconductor | Technical Valuation of a Potential Acquisition
Metal Oxide Varistor Manufacturer
    Siltronics, Royal Bank of Canada | Wafer Fab, Test and Assembly Facility 
Fair Market Valuation // Pager Manufacturing