AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  University of California Riverside | Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE), Bourns Hall Cleanroom
  Project Features:
> Bourns Hall Renovation
> Class 100 and Class 1,000 Cleanroom
> Characterization Area
> Remodel and Upgrade of Facilities Support Areas
> E-Beam Lithography
  Project Location:
> Riverside, California
  Architectural Firm of Record:
> Luwa USA
  Project Size:
> 2,000 SF Cleanroom
> Conversion from Lab Space
> 3,500 gross SF in Project
> including Facilities Support
> Renovation
  Project Delivery
> Design-Build
  Construction Cost: 
> $3 M
  Professional Services Completed:
> 2005
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Cleanroom and Characterization Programming
> Design and Construction Support (Design-Build Project)
> Site and Facilities Survey
> Layout, Utility Matrix, HPM Analysis
> Permitting Support
> Tool Research and Negotiation
> Vibration and EMI Consulting and Abatement
> Recommendations
> Operational Financial Modeling for the Center
> Process Engineering Support for the Tool Evaluation,
> Acceptance, and Start-up
  Building Uses:
> Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Research
> Provides the committed users a convenient, safe and
> technologically advanced laboratory within which to conduct
> research in nanoscale science and engineering.
> Fabrication of silicon-based CMOS, FET transistors and
> MEMS devices or variants of these devices with novel
> materials and process sequences.
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, Cleanroom Consultant
> Craig Rossrucker, Cleanroom Consultant
> Mark Strnad, Cleanroom Consultant
> Mei Rong Yen, Cleanroom Consultant
> Victor Rivas, PhD, Cleanroom Consultant