AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  Arizona State University | Flexible Display Center
  Project Features:
> Cooperative agreement with the US Army to establish the Center, where flexible, low-power computer displays will be developed that can be continually refreshed with new data and carried in the field – a device that will revolutionize combat strategy. These real-time displays will provide improved operational communications by supplying information on troop and enemy positions and movements, weather and environmental conditions, and other important variables providing dynamic field intelligence.
  Project Location:
> Tempe, Arizona
  Project Size:
> 250,000 GSF
> $100M over 9 years
(2004 – 2013)
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
Army Proposal Support
> Matched site to project needs
> Support in the solicitation of academic and industrial partners
> Assisted business plan development
> Assisted development of technical plan and road map
> Developed tool list, 6-inch and gen II
> Orchestrated on-site presentation meetings to Army
> Operations plan
Building Acquisition
> Building evaluation (facilities infrastructure) and utilization plan
> Environmental assessment
> Cleanroom audit
> Building business plan evaluation and support
> Assisted in developing budget for acquisition
Center Start-up Support
> On-site operations and start-up support
> Tool installation design
> Facility reconfiguration support
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, AGI Project Executive
> Mark Strnad, AGI Lead Consultant
> Carl Bollinger, Tool Installation Design