AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  Luther Forest Technology Campus | Site Marketing and Economic Development Consulting
  Project Overview:
> In June 2006, Global Foundries, the former manufacturing
> arm of AMD, confirmed it plans to build and operate the most
> advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility in the world at
> the Luther Forest Technology Campus in upstate New York.
> This multi-billion dollar project represents one of the largest
> private sector industrial investments in New York State
> history. The 300mm fab will also be the first chip fab built on a
> US greenfield site in more than a decade.
> The Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC) is a 1350
> acre high tech research campus that has been designed for
> nanotechnology manufacturing and research and
> development.
  Project Location:
> Saratoga, New York
  Project Size:
> 1350 Acre Site for Advanced
> Technology Manufacturing
> including large site for 4 each
> 300mm Wafer Fabs
  Project Features:
> Competitive $1.2 billion incentives package includes property
> tax breaks, employment credits, sales tax exemptions and
> wage tax credits.
> Pre-permitted for nanotechnology manufacturing and R&D
> Zoning and environmental approvals in place
> Redundant electric from separate grids
> Redundant telecommunications infrastructure
> Abundant water, up to 14 million gallons per day
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Site Marketing to Semiconductor Companies
> Introduced LFTC to AMD
> Economic development and incentives modeling
> Vibration, RF, EMI and Acoustic site survey to optimize fab
> location as well as utility and transportation access
> Environmental impact evaluation
> Community education activities
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, Economic Development Consultant
> Lara York, Community Education and Site Survey Consultant