AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  Sandia National Labs | MESA Microfab
  Project Features:
> One of three new buildings that make up the MESA complex
> MEMS and Si CMOS semiconductor manufacturing facility
> Class 10 and Class 100 (ISO Class 4, 5) Cleanroom in the
> MicroFab for III-V Compound Semiconductor Material
> Processing and Packaging
  Project Location:
> Albuquerque, New Mexico
  Professional Services Completed:
> 2000, 2006, 2011
  Project Status: 
> Completed
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Programming and design, including tool list development,
> layout, utility matrix, process consulting for move of compound
> semiconductor operations to new MESA facility.
> Performed a readiness assessment to determine if this large
> cleanroom supporting CMOS, compound semiconductor,
> and MEMS processing was ready to receive a wide variety
> of chemicals and gases.
> The entire facility was audited for both procedural and
> physical readiness over a 4 week period to rigorous
> department of energy specifications by a multidisciplinary
> AGI team.
  Key AGI Personnel:
> Abbie Gregg, AGI Project Executive
> Craig Rossrucker, AGI Project Manager
> Mark Winter PE, Chemical Engineer
> Andrew Paschall PE, Mechanical Engineer
  Client Testimonials:
>“I wanted to thank you for your support to the MESA RA [Readiness Assessment] – both for your technical contributions and for your assistance in identifying the excellent team from Abbie Gregg, who supported this effort.  The technical expertise that you and your team brought to this effort was certainly one of the major reasons for our success.  The review that you conducted of the facility was comprehensive, but yet fair – and your professionalism and expertise were valued by the line folks.  After reviewing our report, and validating the lines efforts to close the findings identified by our team, SSO decided that they did not need to perform their RA… we expect MESA to be operational late this summer. It was a pleasure working with you, and hope to meet again!” ~ Caren Wenner, Sandia National Labs, July 2006

> “We continue to use [AGI’s] FabTech Utility Matrix and it has been very useful to us.” ~ Jim Beal, Sandia National Laboratories, MESA Project, November 2005
  Sandia National Labs | TEM Room Renovation
  Project Features:
> Renovation to Accommodate Installation of a Transmission
> Electron Microscope (TEM) into Existing Lab Space
  Project Location:
> Albuquerque, New Mexico
  Professional Services Completed:
> 2011
  Project Status: 
> Completed
  Services Provided by AGI for Project:
> Consulting Support
> Renovation Design Review
> Recommendations for TEM Environment Including: Vibration,
> EMI, Acoustics, Temperature Control, Architectural
> Conditions (Room Height, Doors, Chases)