AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.

“The visit to Louisville made me feel so fortunate to have you designing my lab. Thanks for all your hard and highly professional work, I really appreciate it.”
~ Judy Z. Wu, University Distinguished Professor, The University of Kansas, June 2015
“The Detailed Project Program document is quite nice!!! We often get DPPs that focus on items such as thread pitch, nut torques, and valve seal thermal ratings. It’s a great design-build read.”
~ James Wahlmeier, Quality Assurance Architect, University of California, Irvine
Regarding AGI detailed TEM facility project program for 6,000 sq. ft. advanced microscopy suite, May 2015
"We have been operational for 1 year at the Nanofabrication Lab (AGI Design) at UMass Lowell Emerging Technology and Innovation Center and the facility has become the show piece for the University in addition to being a fantastic research facility. We now have 36 corporate users and over 100 internal academic users. Abbie Gregg Inc.’s design for the facility perfectly fits the marriage of public and private users. The Team at Abbie Gregg Inc. knows their business better than any firm I have ever worked with and have been supportive even after construction was complete. We continue to have a great relationship with Abbie and her team and I would recommend their services to anyone who requires a world class cleanroom.”
~ Thomas S. Ferraguto, Nanofabrication Laboratory Director, February 2015
Saab Emerging Technology and Innovation Center UMass Lowell
"Abbie Gregg Inc. (AGI) played an essential, successful role in siting and design of Arizona State University’s new Southwestern Center for Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy, located on the urban main campus at Tempe. The microscopes, located in the new Center building, have demonstrated atomic spatial resolution and the world’s highest energy resolution, 12 millielectron volts, for electron energy loss spectroscopy with atomic spatial resolution. Extreme thermomechanical, magnetic and acoustical stability is required for the laboratories in the new Center building in order to achieve this microscope performance. AGI performed site stability surveys on the campus to determine the best, most stable building site, benchmarked the building design using microscope stability specifications and coordinated EMI, vibration and acoustic abatement with the architectural design team. The new building is now the most stable aberration corrected electron microscopy site among all US universities. "
~ Prof. R. W. Carpenter, Project Principle Investigator, January 2013
“I wanted to thank the AGI team for Mike’s support during the last 6 months. He was a critical part in helping us execute to this latest ramp. He did a great job of integrating with the team and was able to offload my team tremendously. We wouldn’t have been successful without his contributions.”
~ Juan Velasquez, Skyworks, November 2012
“Jeff Schantz, Abbie Gregg, Michael Gendreau, and Lou Vitale formed the vital core team which defined the program and design for the University of Chicago’s molecular engineering facility. Their expertise and expansive portfolio of work were essential in guiding the development of this state of the art facility, which is the University’s first engineering program. Their unique synergy and creativity as a team were key factors in expediting the concurrent design of the program and the facility, which will allow the University to meet its goal of opening the Institute for Molecular Engineering in 2015.”
~ John J. Ekholm AIA, Senior Project Manager, Facilities Services, Design and Construction, University of Chicago, June 2012
“Definitely a huge achievement…  Zero leaks in the HEPAs, zero particles in some spaces (unheard of).  Class 1 space!  … We had a great team here, inclusive of Abbie’s group, HDR support of Abbie’s design, FH Chase, and the other trades who played by the strict protocols within the space from the start.”
~ Peter Johnson, Sr. Project Manager, Turner Construction Company, in regards to the UMass Lowell ETIC Cleanroom spaces testing at 2 ISO level cleaner than specified, May 2012
“Thanks to you and the AGI team for the hard work putting together a very impressive set of documents.”
~ Mickey Collins, Vice President, Sr. Project Manager, HOK, March 2012
“Recommendations and reports from AGI were crucial in securing the…capital needed to support both [cathode operations] programs.”
~D. Norman Lerner, Engineering Subcontract Administrator, Electro-Optical Systems Division, L-3 Communications Corporation, November 2010
“The [KAUST] cleanroom is certainly a showpiece”
~ Gary Kuzma PE, CEM, LEED® AP, GBE, Senior Vice President, Director of MEP Engineering, HOK, November 2009
“…Thank you for being so caring about this project. You have been working day and night for the best interest of KAUST Project. Thank you again.”
~ Tawfeeq Aljohani, Lead Project Engineer, Academic Buildings & Laboratory Division, King Abdullah University Projects Department, KAUST
“…I second Tawfeeq in his comments and I extend my appreciation to you and your team for the commitment and dedication you are putting in KAUST project.
~Abdulla M. Al-Saleh, Sr. Project Manager, Academic, Administration & Laboratory Buildings Division, ASC Company Representative (Head of Project for Aramco), Aramco Overseas Company B.V.
“…At system sign-off we were able to show line width’s of 5 nm at Harvard, which is better than our stated specification of 8 nm.  This is a tribute to how well the fab conditions are and the construction thereof, which you were responsible for.  As you know, electron beam lithography is very susceptible to acoustics, temperature fluctuations, humidity, floor vibrations and EMI to produce the best results.  Therefore, how well we can perform really is a testament as to how well you construct your fabs…”
 ~ Gary Brake, Semtech Solutions, Elionix E Beam Lithography
“I have been to both the Harvard facilities and Duke facilities, and am deeply impressed by the work of your company [with respect to accommodation of advanced Ebeam lithography systems in nanotech cleanrooms].”
 ~ Ken Koseki, Assistant to the President, Elionix Inc., in regards to Lithography Systems at Duke University FCIEMAS and Harvard University LISE, November 2008
“You and your team are on the top of my "Best" list!”
~ Dr. Nan Marie Jokerst, Duke University CIEMAS, March 2008
“This past [USDC Flexible Electronics & Displays] conference was notably our best event to date and I believe much of the success can be credited to your participation as a Co-Chair. Your efforts have been extremely beneficial to the industry both nationally & internationally …we are very grateful for your assistance.”
~ Mike Ciesinski, USDC, February  2008
“The work that AGI has provided us so far has been very good, I am very pleased with the performance of all the AGI personnel here at Skyworks.  In addition, they have been very helpful in allowing the IE's to have more bandwidth.  The AGI engineers have been very proactive and are very quick to get acclimated to the new environment”
~Juan Velasquez, Skyworks Solutions, Inc, October 2007
“The mitigation plan has allowed us to move our equipment…to upgrade a critical instrument and broaden its capabilities… and to transform a facility that served the MSE Department and College of Engineering to one that can now serve the entire University of Arizona.”
~ Thomas Peterson, Dean, College of Engineering, University of Arizona, regarding the AGI mitigation report on the vibrations and electromagnetic radiation which may be generated by the planned Modern Streetcar system, October 2007
“Thank you very much for your excellent support... I look forward to our next project.”
~ Mike McLeod, Arizona State University, September 2007
“From the preliminary look at the data collected and observation of your facility, a great job has been done by you and your team in constructing an excellent facility for the T20 electron microscope.”
~ Ronald Stutzman of FEI Company to Mark Walters, Director of the FCIEMAS at Duke University regarding site preparations for a FEI Tecnai G2 TF20 nanotechnology microscope, June 2007
“…the effort and thought [the AGI team] put into the [Harvard University] CNS workshop yesterday was extraordinary. You took an incredibly complex issue and resolved it in a simple, clear and thorough manner. Thank you very much for this effort. I was incredibly impressed and it reinforced my conviction that I want AGI to be our first option on future endeavors. Keep up the great work.”
~ Mark Reed, Wilson Architects, regarding Harvard University Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE), March 2007
“I wanted to thank you for your support to the MESA RA [Readiness Assessment] – both for your technical contributions and for your assistance in identifying the excellent team from Abbie Gregg, who supported this effort.  The technical expertise that you and your team brought to this effort was certainly one of the major reasons for our success.  The review that you conducted of the facility was comprehensive, but yet fair – and your professionalism and expertise were valued by the line folks.  After reviewing our report, and validating the lines efforts to close the findings identified by our team, SSO decided that they did not need to perform their RA… we expect MESA to be operational late this summer. It was a pleasure working with you, and hope to meet again!”
~ Caren Wenner, Sandia National Labs, July 2006
“I’ve been really happy with the work AGI has done so far, and hope that you can assist us further.”
~ Robbie Charters, RPO Party Ltd., July 2006
 “[Your team] made it really easy to get a clear picture and make decisions...I think this is a great opportunity for AMD and the state of New York.”
~ Preston Snuggs, VP Manufacturing Services and Systems, AMD, regarding the selection of Luther Forest Technology Campus as the future home of their new world class 300mm wafer fab, June 2006
“Your help got it all started.”
~ Hector de Ruiz, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, AMD, regarding the selection of Luther Forest Technology Campus as the future home of their new world class 300mm wafer fab, June 2006
“Thank you for the model…I appreciate the effort your team put in to make this happen. I know it was challenging to put together with busy schedules.”
~ Rick Brinkley, Staff Engineer, Qualcomm MEMS Technology, April 2006
“Your team has been a great help to me during the initial start-up stages…”
~ Dana Chase, Staff Engineer, Qualcomm MEMS Technology, March 2006
“I can speak for AGI…[they] have been involved with just about every nanotech project that matters…AGI is a good partner for many of the advanced technology facilities.”
~ Jeff Schantz, Vice President Science + Technology, HOK, January 2006
“…your company was the most professional team that I have ever worked with…I always recommend working with you.”
~ Doron Marco, Tulip Biotech, formerly of Citala, December 2005
“We continue to use [AGI’s] FabTech Utility Matrix and it has been very useful to us.”
~ Jim Beal, Sandia National Laboratories, MESA Project, November 2005
“I believe this is the most thorough and clear SD design narrative I have seen in my 15 years at UM. Very Good Job!”
~ Ken Berringer’s University of Michigan Owner Review Comments, August 2004
“I very much enjoyed sitting in on your session on decision-making on the right levels of ‘clean’ at last week’s nanotech facilities conference in San Antonio.  You are an excellent speaker who clearly knows this material, and I found your session to be well focused clearly delivered and with excellent content.  Couldn’t have been better.  You definitely can speak for us anytime! Thanks.”
~ Steven Westfall, President, Tradeline, October 2003
“. . .I wanted to say thanks for all that you're doing on this intricate project.  It's a project where a misstep now can cause real problems later, and I appreciate your attention to detail and expertise.”
~ Larry Muench, Harvard University, October 11, 2002
“. . . we really appreciate the quality and thoroughness of your firms work!”
~ Milton Sommerfeld, Associate Dean Research & Facilities, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University, April 9, 2002
“The first delivery from Fanuc was received at UCB today. The service and responsiveness of all involved was exceptional.  AGI's focus and attention to detail is what insured this went without a hitch.  More important than my satisfaction, I truly appreciate the care and attention that has been provided to Fanuc and Mr. Jerry Tachibana. Thanks all around. Sincerely, Bill Flounders.”
~University of California at Berkeley, March 5, 2002
"Thank you for a job well done concerning the qualified applicants you have sent me to date. I hope to continue the strong working relationship we have established for future considerations. "
~ Joseph Shufelt, Maintenance Supervisor, Image Sensor Solutions, Eastman Kodak Company, October 2001
”The FQC lab looks 300% better; thanks for taking the initiative to get that changed. It really made a big difference."
~ Motorola Life Sciences, October 8, 2001
"Thank you . . . for your support . . . and for the excellent people you provided for this project."
~ Motorola, October 3, 2000
”It was a great pleasure to travel and work with you all. AGI is really a highly professional and skilled team, and your contribution plays a major role in the success of our project."
~ Citala, August 8, 2001
“. . . demonstrated knowledge and understanding of device physics, material science and electrical parametrics of integrated circuits. . ."
~Commodore Semiconductor Group, December 17, 1990
“. . . your work with equipment selection, vendor interface and equipment acceptance has helped our staff acquire world-class equipment at a reasonable cost."
~Eastman Kodak Company, June 9, 1997
"I believe your report is exactly what we asked for . . . Thanks again for a good job."
~ Boeing, June 4, 2001
  "We have truly enjoyed our working relationship with AGI and look forward to many more years of collaboration."
~Acorn Engineering & Consulting November 30, 1995
”. . . significantly contributed toward achieving a four hundred percent increase in product yield on complex CMOS double level metal process."
~Commodore Semiconductor, 1989
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